Scott Beveridge Project Debut Album

by Scott Beveridge in Chorley, Lancashire, England

Scott Beveridge Project Debut Album
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of this project is to record and produce my debut solo album.

by Scott Beveridge in Chorley, Lancashire, England

At some point in 1986, at secondary school, a friend gave me a copy of Iron Maiden's Live After Death on video and I remember watching the live show and being completely mesmerised, and thinking that what Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were doing on guitar was sheer magic. 

It was at that point that I wanted to learn to play guitar. 

It wasn't until some years later that I actually got my first guitar for my 18th Birthday and I've been playing every since. (27years)

Having been in a few bands over the years, and unfortunately I've never been lucky enough to achieve my dream of recording an album. I have been writing and recording songs at home for the last 18 years and I've finally decided to go for it and create my album. 

All the songs are written and I have shortlisted 10 songs which I think encompass all my influences like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and many more. 

So yeah whilst the album will be predominantly heavy rock and metal, there will be a few curve balls in there. 

I said I would only do this if I genuinely thought I could create something that I could be very proud of and that it would take the listener on a journey along with me, and with this shortlist of songs, I believe I will do exactly that. Atmospheric intros, huge pounding drums, harmonies, soaring solos and much more. 

Some of the lyrics are very personal to me and autobiographical, and others are written through experiences of friends and family. But all the lyrics are written with the intention of letting the listener make their own interpretation of them. That's my intention anyways. Whether that happens, I don't know, but would be nice to hear if I succeeded :-)

So there you have it. This album will be me playing all the instruments, writing almost all the lyrics,  singing/shouting to the best of my ability and literally putting my heart and soul into this album. 

I'm never going to be a rock star, and never going to be rich and famous, but if you have the chance to achieve a dream, no matter how big or small it is, then you have to go for it...which is what I am doing now.  

I really hope you decide to come on this journey with me. 

Thank You for reading this. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£12 or more

The SBP Album on CD

A Physical copy of the album

£20 or more

Signed Copy of the SBP Album on CD

I will sign the cd for you along with any personal message you long as it's clean ;-)

£30 or more

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You name credited on the album

Your name will be listed on the album credits in the cd booklet, or inlay.

£100 or more

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Studio Mixing Session

The album will be mixed at White Bear Studios in Chorley, Lancashire. You will come down to the studio and hang out and watch myself and the sound engineer mix one of the tracks on the album. The studio sessions will be in the evening from 7pm to 11pm so you will need to be able to make your way too and from the studio. Sessions are expected to happen through January and early February 2018.

Let's make 'Scott Beveridge Project Debut Album' happen