Elect Scott Ainslie as Green MP for Streatham

by Pete Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
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Scott Ainslie wants Streatham to make history by electing London's 1st Green Party MP

by Pete Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

The countdown to the General Election is on!

Scott Ainslie - local councillor with a proven track record of delivering for the people of Streatham, and London’s Green Party MEP - has been selected as your Green Party MP candidate for Streatham.

Here are just some examples of Scott’s achievements:

1.            Got Lambeth to be the first borough in London to declare a climate emergency;

2.            Opposed Lambeth children’s centre closures;

3.            Got Lambeth Council to ban single use plastics;

4.            Campaigned in Europe for an ambitious EU-wide response to the climate crisis;

5.            Helped expose the Council’s financial mismanagement and waste and continues to push for more openness, transparency and accountability;

6.            Fought successfully to keep people in their homes and communities (for example The Glebe Sheltered housing in Streatham);

7.            Campaigned to protect front line services from austerity;

8.            Protected small local businesses;

9.            Continues the battle to clean up Lambeth’s air;

10.          Represents the main opposition on Lambeth Council.


Scott says: “Remaining in the EU is by far the best deal for the UK, and I will continue to fight to stop Brexit with every fibre of my being and ensure that your voices are heard in Westminster loud and clear.

Streatham has been my home for over 20 years, my family are growing up here and it is my passion to make it a safer, cleaner, greener and fairer place to live, work and thrive.

The Streatham constituency needs a strong local and honest MP, who has been a long-term campaigner for Streatham and who will stick around to see a positive vision delivered for everyone here. 

It’s time for London’s first Green MP."

Scott’s Priorities are:

  • Remain in the EU;
  • Immediate action to tackle the Climate Emergency;
  • Fighting tirelessly to reverse austerity.

Remain in the EU - Scott speaks at People's Vote Rally in London

For the past five months, as Green MEP for London, Scott has posted weekly videos on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube, explaining how the EU works for the UK and how we all benefit from it - with total honesty and clarity. 

Scott says: “The big problems of our time, such as the rise of the far right, migration, inequality, climate chaos are international and regional in nature - they require co-operation between countries and cannot be dealt with at national level alone.

We need to stay in Europe and lead, not leave. We must fight to keep the cross-border protections and standards we have achieved over the decades by continuing to work together.

The battle to stop Brexit must be won in Westminster and that is why I am standing as your MP."


This is why we have launched this urgent campaign to raise funds so we can run our most effective campaign ever. We need to raise £3,000 to kick-start our campaign and hit the ground running.

While other political parties are funded by wealthy corporate donors, the Green Party is different. We’re a grassroots people-powered party, funded by thousands of people chipping in donations of £20, £50 and £100 to fund our work.


Greens Can Win

At the last local elections in England, Greens more than doubled the number of councillors they have across the country to 362; they more than doubled their MEPs at the European Elections in May this year to seven. It is time London had a Green MP and Streatham is well placed to make history by returning a Green MP to represent the local area and work alongside the amazing Caroline Lucas.

We are the main opposition party on Lambeth council. - There are too many Labour councillors; one Conservative and no Lib Dems on the council. Greens are good for you and the people of Lambeth are increasingly supporting us. We need more Greens!

No to Climate Chaos

Every Green vote sends a message to Westminster that we must tackle the Climate Emergency.  We need urgent action to avoid catastrophic climate change. Scott delivered the first climate emergency motion in London. We need relentless campaigners like Scott in Westminster to force the government to live up to its promises and deliver a better future for people and planet.


A Green New Deal

The Conservative claim that austerity has ended is a sham. Schools, hospitals, public transport and local services need to be properly funded. Society has been squeezed to breaking point and we need to heal and reverse the years of assault on front-line services. 

As a local councillor, Scott has successfully campaigned and won to protect sheltered housing and bring an end to the eviction of the most vulnerable local residents. He has fought tirelessly to keep people in their homes and keep communities together. 

As our MP, Scott will stand up for the services we rely on and work tirelessly to reduce the grotesque gap between the rich and poor in this country.

Scott says:  "London is one of the richest places on earth. It beggars belief that we still have millions of families dependent on food banks and children living in poverty - without the security of the most basic of needs - food and shelter. Together with Citizens UK, other grassroots organisations and the Corporation of London, we have a plan in place to reduce the inequality gap and restore a sense of fairness and balance to heal the divisions between the haves and have nots. We will also work together to improve youth services and combat knife crime.

The Greens offer a Green New Deal to tackle social and environmental justice."


My Pledge to You

“I am immensely proud of Streatham. It is my home and will be for a very long time.

It is an amazing, vibrant place; full of wonderfully diverse, open-minded and talented people. Together, over the years, we have created a community.

From all the community groups we have, our shared history and our acceptance of each other, we are a beacon to the rest of the country and the world - showing how by working together we can solve the problems that sometimes seem insurmountable.

I care about people and I will always do my best to help whoever you are.

As your MP, I will continue to work hard for the people of Streatham. I won’t be bought, bribed or bullied into backing a leader I don’t believe in or pursue a policy which will inflict more pressure on the most vulnerable in society. I will be better than all of that, as I would be free to listen to my constituents and vote with my own conscience."


Get in touch!

If there’s something you think is missing, let me know. If you disagree, try to convince me. If there’s something you think I can do to help, or you want to tell me about an issue you care passionately about, get in touch! Just email: contact@lambeth.greenparty.org.uk


Get involved

We know that some of our supporters will not be able to give us money but would still like to show their support. We would love to hear from you so we can keep in touch about the campaign and invite you to help in other ways such as delivering leaflets in your area, putting up a poster or billboard. If you can help in any of these ways, please email: contact@lambeth.greenparty.org.uk


Please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for donating to a political party. If you would like to pledge more than £50 then we will also need your personal contact details and address, so please email us. Any surplus funds after the General Election campaign will be used by Lambeth Green Party to help finance our 2020 and 2022 local and London mayoral election campaigns.


Twitter: @ScottMEPLondon

You tube: Scott Ainslie

Facebook: Scott Ainslie MEP

Instagram: scott.ainslie.73

This is the Climate Election - let’s #TurnStreathamGreen and make history in Streatham by electing London’s first Green MP.

Thank you!

Promoted by Bruno Combelles on behalf of Scott Ainslie and Lambeth Green Party all at 53 Barnwell Road, London, SW2 1PN

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