Scott Burns UCI Masters World Hour Record attempt

Scott Burns UCI Masters World Hour Record attempt

This crowd funding project is to help Scott Burns to re-shedule a UCI Masters Hour Record attempt on 27th December 2015

We did it!

On 6th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £2,020 of £2,000 target with 96 supporters in 14 days

 Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for following the link!

Basically I attempted to break the UCI Masters 30-34 world hour record on 19th Dec 2015. I will only be in this age catagory until the 31st December 2015.

I have been training for this for the past 4 months and things were on track despite a severe stomach illness in the final few weeks of preparation that led to 3 courses of antibiotics to clear it.

I have used the best kit available and received a lot of help from some amazing companies to supprt me so I had the best hydration, clothing and bike etc.

I hired the velodrome myself, plus arranged all of the UCI and British Cycling officials and UKAD (Anti doping test which is required for a record attempt) in addition to the various training session I've had so in total the attempt has cost over £2000. One of the things which was very important was the additional costs for heating the velodrome to 28 degrees which I required. A drop in 4 degrees from the ideal 28 degrees would cost me around 19 seconds (250m). 

Last Saturday i did my attempt but fell an agonising 159 metres short of the current world record of 47.760km.

The velodrome was heated to around 25 degrees but fell to 23 degrees during my attempt. I've calculated this to have cost me around 15 seconds (200m). 

I also had an issue with the lap counter showing me that I was up on my target pace so started to 'take it easy' in the middle of my attempt thinking I'd set off to fast. I only found out after I finished that I was in fact 1 lap down not a lap ahead of the record. 

So onto the reason for the crowd funding. ....

I have managed to pull in some amazing favours from friends, my cycling club and the UCI/BC officials and have managed to re-arrange another attempt on Sunday 27th December 2015 as I need to do it before 31st December before I move up an age catagory. 

Everything is in place now but I have had a major issue with the velodrome. I had originally hired it and a special rate was included to have it heated for me. However, for this second attempt the velodrome will have to leave the heating on over the Xmas shutdown or on Sunday 27th it will be far too cold to even get near the record. They have come back to me and asked for an additional £2150 to pay for the heating costs. This second attempt is already costing me an additional £1500 so unless I can find the extra money it simply can't go ahead.

I am eternally grateful for all of those people who have helped me get this far with this Hour record project and would like to thank them all. 

If my 2nd attempt does go ahead it will be at the Manchester Velodrome at 8pm on 27th December 2015. All will be more than welcome to come along and give me a shout and grab a beer (don't forgot everyone is off work on Monday).

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and if you are willing to help me out then a massive thank you.


Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year - and hopefully see you in the 27th!


Scott Burns

Manchester Wheelers

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