Scots back the people of Grenfell Tower

Scots back the people of Grenfell Tower

The people of Scotland want to show our support financially to the people of Grenfell Tower. Workers supporting Workers

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The workers of Scotland show support for the workers in Grenfell.

We wish to offer this support by way of financial 

At this time I am unable to tell you EXACTLY  where this money will go. It will stay in the account until it reaches its target or more, then I will be meeting with community activists and tenants of the tower to see where the money can be added to.  This is money for the weeks and months that will follow this horrific National Disaster.  All my dealings will be filmed when Im in London for evidence of my intent.

As far as i know this is the only crowdfunder specifically from Scotland.

A local resident who is friends with me has started a crowdfund also.  He is overwhelmed by the enthusiasim of Scots to stand in solidarity with workers who are being treated in such a terrible way.

Please support this cause.

all monies will be accounted for

thank you very much for your donation

Gerry Kelly