Scotland's Wellbeing Artist

Scotland's Wellbeing Artist

I promote Art for Wellbeing To improve Scotland's Health To promote Scotland You will be rewarded with art from Val's travels.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Promoting Scotland, promoting Scotland's health, promoting art for wellbeing.

I already promote creativity for wellbeing within my workplace with people of all ages.  I have designed and facilitated workshops enabling people to explore themes such as; recognising stress, managing anxiety,  tolerating emotions, building coping skills, mindfulness, play, expression.  I think creativity is an under-used free skill that everyone holds within them to promote their own mental health. The more people who are creative, the more benefits to the people of Scotland as well as ongoing benefits to NHS.

I will be creating profound art inspired by travelling within Scotland. I will be based wherever I wander and where I am offered space to develop creative ideas. I will expand my art in ways that express atmosphere and feelings. This might be the facial expression of locals, connecting with people, a new bridge, coasts, lochs, forests, skies, rainy days, scots mist, midges, wildlife, poverty, temperature, a contemporary feel, a historic feel, or a feeling within me when I visit places and encourage locals to participate.

I will seek empty premises and free space, where possible, and then bring together a body of work after one year. Mostly I will be outdoors and my car will be my backup studio space.

I have been determined to stick with my creative side over the last ten years even when managing full time work as a mental health nurse.   I am now taking time to pursue my artistic engagement talent.

I recently held my first solo exhibition in a 1759 tower near Edinburgh. I put in huge efforts in collaboration with the owner of this private property, who I am sure would give exceptional feedback as to the respectful way I looked after his property and the professional way I focus on my art ideas.

Costs will include art materials, travel subsidies, artist time, promotional materials, b&b/studio space if no free space.

As an investor there are superb rewards. Pre-release views of art, invites to promotional events, invites for inspirational conversations during live artwork creation, regular video updates, options to buy discounted artwork and a free art print of your choice.

There are so many future community art project options which will come by the networking and so many exciting things will happen. 

I am happy to clarify details so any questions or constructive feedback always welcome.

Val Cannon Art can be found on Facebook and Instagram.