Scotland junior squad eurosurf 2016

For the first time Scotland is sending out a junior team to the eurosurf in Morroco. Please help us get there!!

We did it!

On 5th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,400 with 44 supporters in 42 days

The eurosurf junior championships 2016 is being held in Morocco this year on the 2nd of December to the 11th. The squad is made up of scotlands best junior surfers


U18 – Men
1. Finn MacDonald
2. Andrew Robertson

U18 – Women
1. Iona McLachlan
2. Clover Christopherson

1. Finn MacDonald
2. Iona McLachlan

1. Ben Larg
2. Clover Christopherson

U18 Men Bodyboard
1. Andrew Robertson
2. Oisin Strachan

U18 Women Bodyboard
1. Clover Christopherson

U16 Bodyboard
1. Clover Christopherson
2. Mikey Wimbledon-Hall

U18 Longboard
1. Andrew Robertson

Lisa Monteith

Team Manager
Marti Larg

Team Coach
Sam Christopherson

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