Scotland’s Foreign Policy Blueprint

by Anthony Salamone in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Support the publication of a new blueprint for Scottish foreign policy under independence

by Anthony Salamone in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Creating a Blueprint for an independent Scotland’s place in the world

It’s time to be much more ambitious about what kind of country Scotland could be in the world as an independent state

Vision for Scotland in the world

How Scotland relates to the rest of Europe and the wider world would be an essential part of independence in practice.

As our political debate moves into a new phase, defined by majority support for independence, it is more important than ever to offer a positive and inspiring vision for an independent Scotland’s place in the world.

We must seriously reflect on how we would engage on European and global issues, in this era of volatility and uncertainty, where values matter as much as interests. We must consider how we would build the institutions, the relationships and the partnerships to advance Scotland’s values and interests.

Now is the time to advance the debate, and to offer innovative thinking and bold ideas on what an independent Scotland could be in the world.

Scotland’s Foreign Policy Blueprint

This campaign is being run to support the publication of Scotland’s Foreign Policy Blueprint – a landmark report by Anthony Salamone, the leading political analyst and thinker, on Scottish foreign policy under independence.

This Foreign Policy Blueprint will provide a cogent, comprehensive and credible vision for the foreign policy architecture of an independent Scottish state. For the first time, it will set out the principles, institutions and approaches that could underpin Scotland’s external action and lead to a successful foreign policy.

The Blueprint will be published as a European Merchants Insight Report of 45,000 – 50,000 words. It will be launched by the end of 2020 and made available to the general public on the European Merchants website.

The Blueprint will be based on the reasonable scenario that Scotland, having chosen independence, becomes a republic; joins the European Union; and joins the United Nations. It will not assume Scotland’s future relationship with NATO, but it will outline the implications of this eventual decision.

Under independence, the Blueprint will serve as a primary work of reference for the Government of Scotland on how to make a new foreign policy happen in practice.

The Blueprint in detail

The Blueprint will provide detailed analysis and recommendations on how to build a successful independent Scottish foreign policy. It will include how to:

  • Construct a values-based foreign policy for Scotland, based on support for the European Union, the United Nations and multilateralism
  • Build Scotland’s ministry of foreign affairs from new foundations: the Department of European and External Relations
  • Create a global footprint of diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates and representations) to represent Scotland, our citizens, interests and values
  • Establish productive state-to-state bilateral relations between Scotland and countries in the European Union and around the world
  • Integrate Scottish EU membership with foreign policy, working with fellow EU members through the Common Foreign and Security Policy and other avenues
  • Participate in multilateral institutions, including the United Nations and the wider UN system, and successfully advocate Scotland’s priorities
  • Craft a holistic Scottish foreign policy which integrates national objectives on important issues like trade, defence and international development
  • Learn from other European countries like Ireland, Finland and Denmark in how they conduct their foreign policies and use soft power to multiply influence

About Anthony

Anthony Salamone is one Scotland’s leading political analysts and thinkers. Equipped with over ten years of experience in Scottish, EU and international politics, he is an authority on Scotland’s European and external relations.

He has substantial experience in academic and policy research, writing, analysis and engagement. His publications range from op-eds, briefings and commentaries to chapters, papers and reports.

Anthony is committed to bringing innovative analysis and bold ideas to the major questions facing Scotland and Europe, and to fostering informed public debate, particularly on European and international affairs.

Some of Anthony’s relevant work includes:

More information about Anthony is available on and

Supporting this work

Creating Scotland’s Foreign Policy Blueprint will be a major undertaking. It will take significant time, effort and expertise to research, analyse, write and publish. The Blueprint will involve designing an entirely new Scottish foreign policy architecture.

Institutional support for this kind of work on foreign policy and independence in practice is nonexistent. Therefore, this campaign is asking the community to support the publication of the Blueprint.

Your contribution would make possible the research, writing, design, digital publication, publicity and engagement of Scotland’s Foreign Policy Blueprint by Anthony Salamone.

If you are able to give at the Associate, Senior, Major or Keystone Supporter levels, you will have the opportunity to have your name listed on the inside cover of the Blueprint report under that level. All contributions of all amounts will be collectively thanked in the report.

If you can contribute to funding this work, please consider doing so. Your support will underwrite this original, innovative and high-quality Blueprint for Scottish foreign policy under independence.

Thank you!

Anthony Salamone is Managing Director of European Merchants. European Merchants Limited | Company No SC643557 | Registered in Scotland


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