Scooter by Paula Connolly

Help us to produce an audio described, signed and fully accessible rehearsed reading of Scooter with a professional cast and creative team.

We did it!

On 19th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £1,120 of £950 target with 47 supporters in 28 days

‘I am most proud of the work I have done so far on Scooter; of having the courage to take a step into the unknown and realising I won't die because of it.'  Paula Connolly on the Create project, a new writing initiative at   

We are looking to raise £950.00 which will help fund top professionals in the industry to provide an vital audio description of the reading plus a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter ensuring Scooter is accessible to all.  

Paula, the same cast of actors (Bonnie Adair and Nicole Gaskell) and Director/Actor Law Ballard have been passionately developing Scooter at The Actors Temple for over a year.  Ellie Zeegen has joined the team as Producer and The Actors Temple have agreed to match-fund the money raised by yourselves to give the play the exposure it deserves via a rehearsed reading in front of industry, friends and colleagues. 

Scooter looks at the carer and the struggle she has with her own personal battles. It is important to me that we understand the different pressures a carer may experience. The pressures coming both from herself, health and social care and cultural and social expectations. Carers have a hard time and need more understanding and support.   We need to be able to  give them a voice, to hear what they are telling us and to learn how to make things better.'  Paula Connolly, June 2018

Sammy and Jo are in a long term loving relationship. Life is good until an accident changes everything. Scooter highlights our individual struggles, how we deal with profound change and hide from truths that are too hard to bear.  

“It can take away the norm of the relationship you had prior to the person acquiring the disability.  Can I walk away from a relationship I’ve had for 15 years even though I know I love the person?”


The cast of Scooter: Bonnie Adair, Paula Connolly and Nicole Gaskell.  Photos by Law Ballard at The Actors Temple.

'Your legs don't work properly anymore. You have to use a wheelchair.  You charge around with an angry face all the time.  You won't let anyone in.  You push and push people away with your never-ending need for independence - or is it control?  It's like working with a porcupine, no not a porcupine a rattle snake that is going to attack at any second.'

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