Scoff App

Scoff App

We have created a concept app to enable people to search a local area for real time availability in restaurants.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What are we fundraising for exactly?

Scoff is an app concept that provides real time availability to the user for restaurants in the local area.

Search by cuisine type, or nearest location- the app will take your requirements (date, approx time and number of people), and provide you with a list of which restaurants have tables free.

Restaurant information such as menu, photo gallery and location map are available for each listing.

During research phase, we identified that the restaurants that they loved the idea, but would need a system to help manage the bookings and availability in real time. Therefore Scoff Retail, our second app was born. 

Scoff Retail is a booking system for restaurants to use.

After account set up, the restaurant owner can assign users from their staff to access the booking app via their phone or tablet. This enables a real-time availability to the Scoff app, and means the restaurant can dynamically and easily manage their table bookings to maximum effect.

We are looking for funding for development across both apps using the initial designs and wireframes created, and advertising costs to launch both the apps to a test market area.

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 Who are Pootle & Pog?

We are a digital agency, based in the UK.

We create mobile apps, websites and tools for clients around the world.

We love making things that are either fun or useful, and have identified a gap in the market for frustrated people trying to find last minute availability to book a restaurant.

Having already created design concepts and wireframed both apps, we have performed market research and are ready to move into development and launch the app to a test area.

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