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Scintilla – a tiny trace or spark, that is us as we embark on finding our place in the arts, help us create opportunities for graduates.

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New stretch target

With the extra money we could employ a colourist to colour balance each frame. Which would be greatly beneficial to the film as it would improve the overall look. 

Scintilla film project 

The film will explore how dance and landscapes can intertwine, how our bodies interact and build relationships with what surrounds us. This idea is something that both dancers Imogen and Holly feel greatly connected two when performing outside, and the film will delve into and capture that shared feeling. This project has been created out of a collective interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, working with people from different arts forms can inspire and bring out new qualities in artist; This is something that the creative team are all interested in exploring. 

Once made the film will be entered into film festivals, to give those involved a platform for future projects and collaborations. 

Who we are 

We are a collection of graduates from Falmouth University who over our time there enjoyed creating work with our artistic director Imogen Starr. She decided that we would make an exciting creative team so brought us together to create this film project. We are made up of; 

Imogen Starr 

Imogen is a Cornwall based dance artist, she graduated from Falmouth University with a First-Class Honours Degree in dance and performance. During her studies, she created a dance and film production team, who collaborated with students and graduates from Falmouth University. Since graduating she has performed in Cscape dance’s Hansel and Gretel at the Lost gardens of Heligan, and Spindrift’s Clay Walks. She was also commissioned by SpinDrift to make a film for the Clay walks production. 

Holly Jones

Holly recently graduated Falmouth university with a first-class honours degree in dance and choreography, during this time she worked as a photographer and film maker for a month at a placement at Beyond words dance company in Chicago. Since graduating she has worked for Rosemary Lee in her latest project Passage for Par. Holly also has future performances coming up including a collaboration with Bassline Circus at Boomtown Festival. 

Theo Cockrean 

Theo is currently in his final year of studying Television at Falmouth University. During his time at uni he has been able to develop his skills in film-making and build on his passion for cinematography. Theo has worked on numerous productions from short films to television dramas. Theo is looking forward to this opportunity, allowing him to explore the interaction between the mediums of film and dance.

 Ben Talbot-Imber

 After university Ben relocated to Bristol city to continue working on his composition portfolio. Over the last two years his music has been heard by Island records, BBC introducing and has been showcased at London’s fashion week. His music focuses on how sounds and harmony can work together to bring out different emotions and atmospheres. Ben has composed music for many different styles including popular music, music for moving image and music for dance.

Why is this project important ?

In donating to this project, you are supporting the growth of graduate artists, helping them to develop and showcase their skills. It is important that we nurture young artists as they embark on their creative journey within the arts, and in giving them paid work helps to cement confidence in themselves. There is a rich artist heritage in Cornwall and we would like to carry on the development of dance being created and performed across the county.

Once the project is secure we are going to offer film and television students from Falmouth University the opportunity to work with us on our behind the scenes film that will run alongside the project. Theo and Imogen will help mentor and give experience to students looking to develop their skills.

The Build up to the project

Imogen spent two weeks working with dance students from Falmouth University, exploring how our interactions with each other and the landscape can inform our choreographic decisions. This exploration resulted in the creation of the film Heliophillia, which you can see above. This time allowed Imogen, Holly, and Theo to test our choreographic ideas, filming techniques and settings for the scintilla film. This research time also introduced Holly and Theo two of the four artist working on the project.

How will your donation be spent?

Your money will go towards paying the creative team for all their time and effort during the project.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You will be sent photographs documenting the project.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

You will be sent photographs, and updates of the project via emails and video diaries.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

You would receive photographs, updates and a copy of the behind the scenes film.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

You will receive Photographs, updates, and copies of both the behind the scenes and Scintilla films.

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