Scientific Goat Farming Model Pilot Demonstration

Scientific  Goat Farming Model Pilot Demonstration

Employment generating for unemployed youths,women,disabled peoples and poor families livelihood and reducing migration from

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Eco -Friendly goat Husbandry for  Sustainable  Livelihood of small farmers --

Objectives -

The general objective - 

-To demonstrate improved goat husbandrypractice for enhancing the income of goat keepers.

-To motivate goat keepers to organise themselves to adopt sustainable goat husbandry without damaging the ecosystem.

- To promote improved breeding through use of superior breeding bucks.

-To promote best practices for feeding,health care and housing.

-To establish linkage with market for better price realisation.

Project location- Village- Sunargaon, (Kanda) , PO- Kanda, District- Bageshwar, State- Uttarakhand, Country-India , Pin code -263631.

Project Activities -

1-Formation of goat keepers' group.

2-Provision of breeding bucks.

3-Awareness and training.

4-Minor veterinary service .

5-Market awareness and linkages .

6-Establish one Scientific Goat farming Pilot Model Demonstration center. 

Importance of Goats- Since ages, goats have been utilised for their milk,meat,hair,and skin all over the world. It was the earliest reminant to be domistickated ,goat is a multi-functional animel and contributes greatly to the agrarian economy , especially in areas where crop and dairy farming are not economical .Thus the goat plays an important role in the livelihood of a lerg proportion of small farmers particulary women,landless and marginalfarmers inhabiting hill areas .

We would like to promoting Goat husbandry in Rural Uttarakhand, India --

Depending on agro- climatic conditions and diffirent ecosystems,goat rearing can be practiced with the folliwing e environmental friendly farming systems--


2-Extensive production.

3-Intensive production.

4-sami -intensive .

5-Stall feeding .

Problem solving and prospects of goat rearing--

1-Severe genetic Erosion .

2-Poor health caring.


4-Housing and Potable water.


6-Transfer of technology.

Project Impect--

The main impect of the project is the mass awareness about the diseases and health care practices which was missing earlier.

The villagers are now prepared to adopeting new scientific technology and service .

Due to the services available at farmers' doorsteps, the mortality of the goats has come down drastically.

The impect has been so widespread that the non-participants from surrounding ares want to join the project.

Best Practice in Goat Husbandry --

1- Appoinment of local field Guides .

2-Formation of user groups.

3-Breeding and castration.

4-Feeding of goats 

5-Feedings of kids.

6-Feeding Adults.

7- Health care.

8- Housingand management.

9-Control on Goat population.


Socio -Economic Benefits--

Goat keeping is particularly important for resource poor people to improve their livelihood conditions .Both rural men and women can effectively manage this activity .

Improved productivity will motivate the goat keepers .

Close interaction among SHG members will help them to built their capabilities and initiate othe socio-economic development activities .