School Uniform Bank

by Social Flock in Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom

School Uniform Bank


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Social Flock and our wonderful Perthshire community are aiming to offer 300 young people FREE school uniform packs.

by Social Flock in Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom

School Uniform Bank 

We are aiming to provide 300 young people FREE School Uniform packs for returning to school in August 2021. 

Our packs will be made up of immaculate pre-loved and new clothing items.

 School Uniform packs will be offered to families in need across Perthshire for young people ages 4- 18 years.

Our School Uniform Packs will include a maximum of:

- 3x t-shirts or shirts1621491311_de54c678-8114-4642-b06c-122934046a12.jpeg
- 2 x Jumpers/Cardigans
- 2 x Trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafores
- 2 PE kits; 2x t-shirts, 2x joggers or shorts and a jumper or hoodie.

All of which will be packed into a brand new school bag. #BuyABairnABag

Applicants will be able to personalise their pack by size, colour and item preference. Applications will be open for school referrals, local community charities, community groups, and for self-referrals.

In order1621492035_ca7fa8bc-7be6-49a4-98b7-dd1ff8ac9f81.jpeg to provide 900 shirts, 600 tops & bottoms, 600 PE kits we need donations. We will be collecting pre-loved items from our local community and seeking support from businesses alongside our community fundraising targets.

We've worked out that each pack will cost us approximately £50 to purchase brand new; that's £15,000 in total! As our packs will be made up of new and pre-loved items we are hoping to fundraise a total of £5,000 through our Perthshire community. We need your Social Flock #helpinghand

For only £50 you can provide one full School Uniform Pack for a young person.  Why don't you and 4 of your friends all chip in £10 and dress one person for their first day of school this August. Remember to include all five names in a comment so we can send our thanks!


To get in touch please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages via our handle @SocialFlockPerth. Our Twitter is @PerthFlock 1621514845_1621514845092.png1621515697_1621515697094.png


We'd love to hear from you!

Team Social Flock 

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