School Togger Academy

by Togger Books in Scunthorpe, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to set up a School Togger Academy for boys and girls aged 8-11yrs.

by Togger Books in Scunthorpe, England, United Kingdom

With the help of my brother, Doug, Togger Books has grown from drawings and words on pieces of paper to a series of Togger books where 3 have been self published through our own tiny publishing company, with 6 more books ready to be published. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Well we've only just got started and with your help it's gonna get a whole lot better!

I have worked with Scunthorpe United Reading Stars program with Study Parks as an art teacher and met some wonderful kids whose imagination in art is refreshing to watch. Their pictures can be seen in our 'Hall of Fame' at 

The winner of the Artist of the Year 2019 was Kacper Hanc, a young boy from Oasis Parkwood Academy, and his prize was guest of honour at Scunthorpe United's first game of the season, a day that he will never forget!

At Togger Books our aim is to encourage children to Draw, which we are doing - to Read, which we are doing - and to get outside and kick a football (or as we call it a Togger Ball), and that's where we would like your assistance. Through your funding we aim to set up our after school Togger Academy for girls and boys. From there we shall set up teams to play in a Togger Sunday League and from there the best teams will be entered into the Togger World Cup! Well, I've been told that if you're gonna think, you might as well think big!

Every pound you donate will go towards helping to fund a child's place in their School's Togger Academy and maybe one day you'll get to see them playing for Scunthorpe United in the FA Cup Final!

How's that for an open goal.


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You will receive a signed copy of 'The Greatest Togger Story Ever Told' Book 1 'Thrifty's Stand'

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You will receive a copy 'Thrifty's Stand' & 'The Boot of All Evil'

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You will receive a copy 'Thrifty's Stand' & 'The Boot of All Evil' & 'Togger Colour Book'

Let's make 'School Togger Academy' happen

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