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We did it
On 30th October 2018 we successfully raised £122 with 6 supporters in 54 days

We would love to build a school for kids in Accra that would offer free education and hope for children otherwise stranded in poverty.

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The School for Ghana Appeal is supporting the project in Accra on behalf of GRACE FOUNDATION GHANA. We hope to raise £1500 which will pay for the construction of a new school.

Once the school is build, we are also going to build a well for the village which will ensure that all the families have access to water. We would like to construct a solar panel light near the well for daily purposes as well.

This is not the only project we have in mind, we would love to build many school for children in places where is needed the most. Where otherwise those poor kids would not get a chance to get any kind of education.

Education is the future of a strong integrated society and anyone that has no access to education as a child will be unable to contribute and will be left behind. Every child in the world deserves a decent school.  

So please help us to make this wonderful project happened. We are going to post updates on what we have achieved and what will be our next step. Be the change that you want to see in this world. 

We are small group of volunteers that make no profit from the project at all, all of the money raised on crowdfunder will go straight to build the school. Children will get free education and also lunch the day they will be at school.

As you may know children in Africa get stolen from streets daily and send for prostitution or get injured and send back to street as beggars, we are planning to build a fenced wall around the plot to ensure that all the children that attend the school will also get safely back home to their parents.


We have just been donated a plot of Land in Accra~Ghana to build our school on from our social worker that will also be the schools governess.

We would like to say a big thank you to our Ambassadors in Accra. Keep up the good work.

If you would like to see more about GRACE FOUNDATION in Ghana and their work so far please have a click on the link underneath. Thank you :-)

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