School Breathe - Breathwork Programmes for Schools

by Aimee Hartley in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st July 2019 we successfully raised £5,055 with 78 supporters in 48 days

To bring our School Breathe programme to schools in the UK with the launch of online mindful breathwork techniques and meditations.

by Aimee Hartley in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will extend the online platform to parents and carers, in order for them to access the programme at home, there will be extra techniques for home time to include breath exercises to help encourage healthy sleep patterns, energising breath exercises for the weekends, to encourage the children to keep up and develop a practice at home. 

This will help them build a more positive relationship with technology. We will offer ongoing professional support to schools, in the form of a 1-day training for teachers, to further develop their knowledge of teaching breathwork to children.

We would love to bring our School Breathe programme to schools in the UK. 

Our vision is to launch an online platform, full of scientifically proven, mindful breathwork techniques and meditations which will reduce stress and anxiety and help children (and teachers!) start their day feeling more calm and focused. 

We are a team of certified breath workers, who have over a decade of experience teaching breathwork, yoga and mindful meditations to adults and children. We would love to see the educational system change dramatically, to eliminate the unnecessary pressure young school children are placed under. Until this happens, we want to support teachers and children during their time in the educational system.  With the knowledge that 75% of children with mental health problems are not given treatment, and the rise in anxiety and stress amongst school children over the last few years - at least 1 in 8 children have a mental or emotional disorder, it's definitely time to BREATHE.

We recently completed an initial School Breathe programme in London schools with great results. The programme included breath awareness exercises, breath meditations, visualisations, and over 30 breath exercises to help children and teachers learn about the invaluable benefits of learning to breathe well. 

Each week, to encourage a daily practice, teachers were offered a 2-minute breath exercise to teach to the children throughout the week. A little and often approach really does work! 

After just one breath session here's what the children say: 

“I feel so relaxed” – Josh, 5 years old 

”I feel like a superhero” – Dan, 6 years old 

“My body feels warm and calm” – Molly, 5 years old 

“Its my happy place, I feel safe here” – Tobi, 4 years old 

"Is meditated a word? Because that's how I feel" Robert, 7 years old 

The course has been such a success, but we need your help to spread this work to more schools and to create an online platform so that breathing videos, audios, meditations and visualisations and other guidance for creating a calm classroom. This will be easily available to teachers and children (and hopefully parents), as we all work together to reduce our children’s levels of stress and anxiety. 

Why do School Children need to learn to breathe? 

Aimee Hartley and the School Breathe team, have observed the breath patterns of many school children, and they notice that children seem to lose a vital connection to our breath, in the very early years of starting school.


Sitting down for long periods of time, reduced playtime, dealing with new social interactions, (and the pressure of early years testing for some), the school environment can act as a prime catalyst for a dysfunctional breath pattern. This means children have forgotten how to breathe in a healthy way, (using the diaphragm), creating unnecessary stress and tension. 

In our initial programme, where we taught over 60 children over a 6 week period, over half of the children had unhealthy breathing patterns, where they breathed into their upper chests, rather than down into their belly’s. We were shocked at the high percentage of children unable to breathe well and knowing the impact this has (stress, anxiety, lack of concentration) we really want to change the way children feel in the classroom. Breathwork can help them in so many ways and it's simple, effective and so easy to learn! Regularly focusing on a healthy breath is the key.

A full belly breath and a focused breath practice, helps calms the nervous system, encouraging a state of rest and digest. 

The aim of this online platform is to supply a fun bite-sized, effective, educational and experiential program for young children to practice short yet effective breathwork techniques, on a daily basis, to create a calmer classroom. 

"The children absolutely LOVED these breathwork classes. They were calmer, more focused and cannot wait for more!" Miss Stuart, Yr 5 Teacher 

How does breathing help children? The scientific benefits of this work are unanimous, they include, clarity to thinking, regulating the nervous system, develops empathy and compassion, promotes calmness, improves circulation and posture, improves relationships, boosts confidence and trust, helps build a healthy immune system, and helps promote healthy sleep. 

How will the raised money be spent? 

1. We need someone to create a professional easy to use online platform 

2. We need to film, edit the School Breathe Programme 

3. We need to hire a venue to film We need to spread the word! We hope you want to be a part of this project. 

Certified breathworkers, Aimee Hartley and Hannah Goodman (a member of the School Breathe team) are giving away some extraordinary reward offers in exchange for your donations, so make sure you check that out!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH if you have donated already.


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From Department Store For The Mind this 'Take 10 Deep Breaths Bracelet; is a beautiful adjustable unisex bracelet made from waxed cotton and brass beads. A simple reminder to breathe deeply at moments of high tension. Inhale and exhale once for each bead. Take deeper, longer breaths as you move from bead to bead. Feel your shoulders drop and anxiety ebb away. These are a gorgeous blue colour.

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£20 Reward Free Download: 'Deep Sleep Meditation'

Breath facilitator Hannah Goodman will guide you into a deeper and more restful sleep in this 20 minute guided meditation. Her calm and soothing will lead you through a breath led body scan, encouraging you to let go of tension in the body, calm the mind and allowing you to drift off into a peaceful slumber. "Everytime I've listened so far, I haven't made it to the end before drifting off to the dreamscape" - Stevie Wilde

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£40 Limited Edition Breathing Room Print

The Little Breathing Room print, which encourages children to take conscious breaths to help them feel calm. Breathworker, Aimee Hartley set out to co-create this interactive print with Graphic Designer Julie Thompson, for parents, carers and teachers. This beautiful calming and charming print, encourages children to develop a daily practice. Great for children's bedrooms to help them sleep at night.

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£60 Reward 5-day course "More Breath Less Stress"

This downloadable 5-day online course led by Hannah Goodman from Grounded Life and the Alchemy of Breath, will help you learn more about breath awareness and you will discover where you hold on to stress in your body. Using two specific breath techniques which are effective and versatile, you will learn to build a short breath practice into your everyday routine. By the end of the course, you will have the tools to manage stress and move forward

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£250 Reward One to One Breath Session

A private one to one breath session with either Aimee Hartley or Hannah Goodman (in London). You will learn and experience how breath work can improve your well-being. You will learn a new breath technique that can help you access the full potential of your respiratory system. You will have more energy, less tension and you will let go of unwanted emotions, enhance your concentration and feel deeply relaxed. Breathwork is MAGIC!

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