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Scholarship Den TV

Scholarship Den a reality TV series/competition inviting candidates to apply to pitch on TV to five judges for the education of their life.

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 110 days


Scholarship Den will be a UK television series. Over 3500 Scholarships go unclaimed each year. The idea is to promote a variety of Scholarships and contestant will compete for them.

Scholarship Den New TV Series - Pitch to 5 judges for the education of your life

TV Show Category: Game Show, TV Series, Reality TV.

13 Series over 13 weeks. Prize: 10 Categories, prizes worth £30K

The aim is to produce 3 full pilot shows.


The aim of the show is for 10 lucky winners from 10 Scholarship Categories will compete to win a complete educational or training scholarship from leading institutes and company’s by pitching to five judges in 3 minutes and must get 4 to say yes.

Types of Scholarships: PHD’s, Masters, Degrees, Prestigious awards, High profile internship, Apprenticeship and  Vocational course.

Who can apply:  Anyone who believes they would meet the terms to be awarded a scholarship



Over 1,2 million scholarships are applied for each year globally

Some Scholarship can takes between upto  2 years for some scholarships to be awarded

The stories behind some of the applicants are never told

To increase the awareness of Scholarships to a Global audience

This show could attract thousands of applicants

This type of game show model has been running successfully in programs such as Dragons Den and Next super model, Xfactor which appeals to all ages and gender

A mass appeal to families and communities to support their candidate


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