Schnauzer Vet Costs

by Schnauzer Mum in Talke, England, United Kingdom

Schnauzer Vet Costs
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After my dog was poisoned, his diabetes went into meltdown and I’m struggling with the mounting vets bills.

by Schnauzer Mum in Talke, England, United Kingdom

Like all schnauzers, my Alfie-boy is very inquisitive. He was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 3 years ago and this has be managed really well with a little tweaking here and there. A couple of weeks ago he managed to find some chewing gum on the floor and ate it. This would be dangerous to any dog but even worse to a diabetic, he lost the use of his legs and then started having seizures, after rushing him to the emergency vet and 24 hours later he’s was stable enough to come home, though we have been back and forth to our regular vets trying to stabilise his glucose levels.  He is insured but they’re saying it’s not the fact he was poisoned but that it’s all to do with his diabetes and so they won’t pay out. Any help would be appreciated. 

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