SCER: Scotland and Brexit Think Tank Programme

by Scottish Centre on EU Relations in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

SCER: Scotland and Brexit Think Tank Programme
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To fund the Scottish Centre on European Relations’ programme of public policy research, events and publications on Scotland and Brexit

by Scottish Centre on EU Relations in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Independent analysis on Scotland and Brexit

This campaign is to support our programme of activities on Scotland and Brexit.

SCER – Scotland’s EU think tank

The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) is Scotland’s only EU think tank. Launched in March 2017, we are independent and unaligned, not-for-profit and based in Edinburgh. Our mission is to provide high-quality research and analysis on Scotland’s relations with Europe and on the big European questions of the day. We aim to promote informed debate on European issues in Scotland and to bring a Scottish perspective to the major debates in the EU.

Purpose of this campaign

We are seeking support from the community to fund a programme of work on Scotland, Brexit and future relations with the EU. This programme will produce policy research, publications and events designed to promote an in-depth, innovative and lively discussion on Scotland’s European future. Major areas of focus will include: 

  • Scotland and Brexit: as the talks unfold, what does the impact on Scotland look like? How can the Scottish government, political parties and civil society have a voice and influence; can and should Brexit be halted or pushed in a ‘soft’ direction?
  • Scotland’s European Strategy: what should it look like, with what priorities (whichever direction Brexit goes in - including if it doesn’t happen)?
  • European Lessons: what can be learned from Scotland’s most similar European neighbours (countries and regions) from industrial and climate change strategy to tackling inequality and leveraging soft power at European level;
  • Scotland’s interests and opportunities in the future direction of the EU.

Under this programme, we will publish a range of analysis articles and policy papers, all of which will be free and available from our website, to inform the public, politicians and decision-makers and wider society. We will hold a number of events, including larger public events and smaller expert roundtables (which are important to informing our work). The objective is to delve within and beyond Brexit to identify and debate strategic options for Scotland’s future European relations.

Why this work matters

Brexit and wider European relations necessitate informed and impartial analysis from a Scottish perspective. SCER has the independence and expertise to provide that vital contribution to the discussion. These are big, and often confusing, issues but they will affect every person in Scotland in some way. This programme of activities will enhance public debate and challenge decision-makers to articulate clear and considered policies on these key issues.

More about us

We have been very active since our launch almost a year ago, publishing nearly 100 analysis pieces and policy papers and organising 23 events so far (and more on the way). We have also been in the media and spoken at external events nearly 100 times. We ask for your support to help us continue this important work.

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