We follow a journalist researching a magazine article. She meets up with a group from the Supernatural Society. Will she remain sceptical?

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“I am an atheist. I don’t believe in the supernatural, ghosts or spirits. There is not a single shred of evidence to prove their existence. Without such proof, how come so many people do believe?”

We don’t want to tell you too much, but a journalist is researching an article for a magazine. She meets up with a group of people from the Supernatural Society in a pub. They invite her to find out more. This film contains all the ingredients of a classic horror; a creepy house, a Ouija board and some strange goings on. Will our journalist still be a sceptic after a night with the Supernatural Society?

The Objective of the Film 

Apart from wanting to make a really good creepy film, we have come together as a group of film makers based in the North East of England to produce a short film. We currently have no budget and are all working on this project on a voluntary basis. No one is getting paid, we are all just giving our time, as we think this is a film worth making.

However, film making is an expensive business and we are seeking funding to cover costs such as travel, catering for filming days, materials used for special effects and room hire etc. We have a script and have enlisted the help of the Players Theatre group in Sedgefield.

We are hoping that once the film is made it will open up opportunities of all those involved. In particular, we are looking at the actors and crew getting accredited and listed on the International Movie Database (IMDB). We are hoping the film will be shown in festivals, this means that it will raise the profile of not only the actors and film makers, but also Sedgefield itself.

Meet The Film Makers

The Scriptwriters

Clive Tonge and Jonathan Frank

 Clive is already listed on IMDB and has a successful track record of writing and producing short films. He is currently Producing the feature film Mara which is due for release 2017 and stars Olga Kurylenko and Javier Botet.

Jonathan Frank is a successful writer and actor. He wrote the script for the Film Mara, as mentioned above, and has written the script for Final Score which is currently in production staring Pierce Brosnan, Ray Stevenson and Dave Bautista.


Almond Kellacher

Almond originally trained in film and video with a degree in Media Production and a Diploma in Professional Video Editing. She currently runs a video production company (Almond Productions), and has produced and directed many corporate videos and documentaries. Previously Almond also used to teach film and video.


Walter Howell

Walter has over 40 years of experience directing actors for the players theatre group and is making the transition into film for the first time.

Other crew members of the Production include:

Nigel Judson (camera) Philip Routledge (Sound), Jack Evans (Boom Operator ) John Graeme Morris (editing), Alastair Yong (Drone filming), Sherilyn Oliphant ( Make up), Tim Jasper ( Music Composer), Becky Nicholson (Set Design) Rachel Neil (Continuity & clapperboard)


The actors from The Players Theatre group are:

Helen Holcroft

Alan Holcroft

Terry West

Other actors include:

Neil Armstrong

Chloe Potter

Sarah Seymour

Jean Hewling

Please help us to get this film made. We really appreciate every donation.

We will bring you more information and updates along the way.

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