Scales 'N' Tails exotic pet rescue

Scales 'N' Tails exotic pet rescue

We need to raise enough money to gain charity status and rent premises so we can take in and help more animals in need.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I started Sam's Scales 'N' Tails exotic pet rescue in 2011 when I opened my home to a neglected and unloved Carpet python we called Angel.He was just under six foot in length and the staff at the pet shop were frightened of him. As a result he wasn't getting the care he needed, his skin was blemished and dry. He hadn't been out of his vivarium in nearly a year! But just like his name sake Angel (Buffy the vampire slayer) was gentle and calm.

After falling in love with Angel we found other exotics who needed our help.Ziggy was given to a local pet shop because his owner had gotten board of him!Various Corn snakes have come to us and been found lovely new homes. We have calls about taking in more almost weekly.Mr Bo the Senegal parrot came to join our family in 2013. He had been bought and sold on by eight different homes before he came to us. He has trust issues and like other parrots some behaviour problems so he will stay with us forever. Bearded dragons are a popular pet and saddly we've taken in quite a few over the years. Some brought to us by the RSPCA and some dropped off by owners who can no longer give them the care they need. Many have been found loving homes but others were sadly too sick or neglected and dispite recieving the best care and vets treatment had to put to sleep or simply lived out the rest of their days with us.This cute baby Iguana was for sale on a market untill we found her and gave her a homeShe isn't so tiny anymore but she is still our baby and a key part of our education work. We provide educational packages for schools and community groups to try and teach people about these animals and the care they should get. Mojo is always a huge hit with children and adults alike.Abandoned Terrapins are a massive problem, and the RSPCA  often drop off the ones they collect to us. In 2015 we built a specially designed Terrapin pond in our garden so we could house them all.The pond has been a great success and is now home to twenty three Yellow bellied sliders and two Red ear sliders.

Now to enable us to keep taking in animals we need to get charitable status and find a premises. So thats what we need to raise funds for. We need £5000 in the bank to gain charity status and will need money to rent a shop or similar and kit it out with housing for the animals. We hate having to turn any animal away but saddly we just don't have the room. Having a premises people can visit would also raise our profile meaning we can find loving homes for our animals faster and people who want advice on housing or caring for the animals they  have can find us too. Many people offer us used animal cages and vivariums the shop would give us a space to display and sell these which would also raise much needed funds to help with vets fees.