S Black Couture - Alternative lifestyle brand

S Black Couture - Alternative lifestyle brand

Alternative lifestyle design from the darkly decadent to the creepy-cute.

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On 28th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days

My name is Sebastian Black. I am an alternative model, artist, designer and photographer.I feel the alternative scene is greatly misunderstood, there are many misconceptions and I see S Black Couture as an opportunity to put these right. I wish to create a brand that allows people the freedom of self expression they desire without being confined to cliche. Rock and goth doesn't have to mean spikes and chains. It can be sophisticated, ornate, professional. I truly believe that god is in the details and a small change, that subtle difference in fabric, pattern or cut can make all the difference in wearing something that makes you feel confident and at ease as oppose to confined and false.I have struggled with severe depression and continue to do so. As such it is difficult for me to find enjoyment and passion, and yet this project, this desire to empower and legitimise those of us who choose to be different... It gives me reason to keep going. Gives me purpose and focus, gives me reason to keep fighting, not just my mental health but for what I believe to be right.S Black Couture is the opportunity to work on something personnal and genuine, to show the world the dark desires of my fractured heart. We all of us endure pain, struggles and suffering which leave their mark on our souls yet we endure and become all the more beautiful for having been broken.Ladies, gentlemen. I emplore you to donate to this cause and finance the beginning of something timeless, tradgic and uttlery unique. I give to you my Obsidian Heart, dark, broken but still beating.

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