Sazzmatazz Clothing

Sazzmatazz Clothing

I want to create my own reasonably priced colourful trendy plus size clothing line for young women like me without compromising on quality!

We did it!

On 2nd May 2016 we successfully raised £380 with 7 supporters in 56 days


A passion of mine is clothes, and as a plus size lady, I find that finding young, fashionable clothes to fit my figure is a trial. 

I know we have shops that cater for bigger people (e.g. Evans, Yours etc.) and I know more fashionable high street retailers are expanding their range to include bigger sizes (e.g. River Island) but I still feel this isn't enough. The clothes are being retailed at a higher price and plus size woman have to spend a fortune to be on trend. 

As a teenager, my mother and I knew the struggles. I've always been big and as many other teenager, I wanted to wear the latest trends and the same clothes as my friends. However, I couldn't. I was forced to wear anything that fits, from any retailer that stocked my size. I didn't have a choice. I look back at old pictures of myself and cringe because I'm dressed like someone 4 or 5 times my age, just because the clothes fitted. And these days I feel the same. 

I go on holiday with my friends or my husband and I can't find comfortable flattering clothes. I'm confined to massive kaftans and cut off denim trousers. I want to wear pretty sundresses. I want to wear a bikini that hides all my wobbly bits that doesn't cost £150. I want to feel good. I am comfortable with my size and I want to embrace that. 

Recently, I have received a massive confidence boost by getting signed to a modelling agency, and I hope to use this to help boost my business.

My business idea is to set up my own clothing brand (Sazzmatazz Clothing) that embraces curves and wobbly bits and doesn't cost the earth.I know that there is a demand for this as I was/am the one demanding it. I have projected that I will need £10,000 to start this as an online platform. I am hoping to raise £5000 through crowdfunding, which will be match funded by the bank. Predictions show that I will start making profit after 12-16 months and will have enough money to open up a flagship store within a year of that. The vast majority of profit will come from the online platform.  Also, all the money I raise from my new modelling venture will go straight back into the business. I am hoping that working in the fashion industry will provide me with valuable contacts and knowledge. 

I am asking for your help to help me achieve this goal. I am trying as hard as I can to raise the funds, but I keep coming up against brick walls. Most funding options available (E.g. The Princes Trust) are for people who work under 16 hours a week. I work full time. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm across funding opportunities. I am still perusing funding options but I am losing faith quickly.

I really would appreciate anything you can give to help me achieve my dreams. No amount is too small.

If you would like to ask me any questions; do not hesitate to email me;




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