Vegan Cultured Nut Cheese Start Up Fun

by saycheaseuk in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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We are fundraising in order to expand our limited production of vegan cheese across the Uk

by saycheaseuk in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

saycheaseuk was born as a delicious and nutritious solution for all those who love good cheese without animal suffering and focused on disposing the minimum amount of waste to take care of our planet together, that's why we use as little packaging in our products as possible.

We are a small family business based in Bournemouth and we handcrafted our entire range of vegan cheeses with true love to provide a rich and healthy alternative option to dairy products.


Our vegan cheeses are made with plant ingredients and are respectful with the environment. Our main base is a mix of cashew and almonds, dried fruits with incredible nutritional properties. They are prepared by squeezing the dried fruit, cultured and they are aged in chambers for weeks achieving a natural cheese flavour on the mean time we turn cheeses every day because they need to breathe and heal.

We also smoke cheeses naturally, we have a cheese called Hickory Wonder so popular between our customers and it's smoked for 8 hours in a cold smoker to get an authentic bonfire flavour.


On our website you can check the ingredients of each of our vegan cheeses. All of our cheeses are made up of raw cashews and almonds, Himalayan salt, filtered water, coconut oil, and probiotics. In addition, each one contains specific superfoods or spices that you can check out on their respective product page. We want you to know everything about our product and the best way is to make everything very clear.

Our cheeses are made following the same ancestral processes of dairy cheese but with all the benefits of plants. 100% vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

We are currently making and ripening our vegan cheeses in our small house where we have 4 fridges to cure and store our cheeses and all our food machines to make and process the ingredients.

We opened our online shop just 4 months ago and orders have grown at an incredible rate with hard work, effort and time being put in. 

During this, we have witnessed some incredibly creative and heartwarming messages from our customers. Many of whom have gifted cheeses boxes for Christmas and Valentine's day, celebrated special occasions with a nice vegan cheeseboards or simply had date nights at home with a nice glass of wine and a good vegan cheese.

We are progressing with plans to open our very own dedicated cheese unit, with a commercial shop that will assist in the growth of the business and help it flourish.

All of our donations will be going towards equipping a commercial kitchen space where we can prepare and age our vegan cheeses and further increasing our weekly output capacity and expanding our range of vegan cheeses.

Donations and support would be muchly appreciated. We hope that you can be part of our vegan cheese story going forward.


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