Say No To Waterbeach Incineration

by Waterbeach CBWIN Supporter in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Say No To Waterbeach Incineration


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CBWIN ran a successful 2018 appeal for an independent visual impact assessment. We need funds to make sure the Amey appeal is unsuccessful.

by Waterbeach CBWIN Supporter in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

 The application for an incinerator was rejected in 2018 by Cambridgeshire County Council (on ground of severe harm to landscape and heritage) BUT the developers are appealing so           


  • The Waterbeach incinerator will be at Waterbeach, opposite the proposed New Town and schools on the A10, next door to ancient Denny Abbey, and only 3-4 miles away from schools in Cottenham. The huge furnaces will burn 24/7 for 35+ years.
  • The chimney will tower to 80 metres – taller than Ely Cathedral which is 66 metres high.
  • Particle emissions, dioxins and heavy metals from incinerators travel for miles and are believed to affect health. Incineration reduces recycling rates and contributes to climate change.
  • To make it profitable, waste deliveries will come in from TEN counties as well as from Cambridgeshire, making our area a dumping ground. The A10 is already at capacity.
  • This is NOT the right place for an incinerator, being so close to housing and schools.
  • It is not the solution that scientists RECOMMEND for managing waste, creating energy from waste or protecting the climate.


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