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Say Aphasia Community Festival

by Say Aphasia in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Say Aphasia Community Festival


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To support people with aphasia by raising awareness of this condition, to improve their quality of life in our community.

by Say Aphasia in Brighton, England, United Kingdom


Our project is to organise a community festival which aims to bring the community together while raising awareness for the condition aphasia. The idea is to offer an event that will appeal to the majority of the public, to increase footfall, to then increase awareness and understanding of aphasia to more people. This new approach to the charity's impact strategy can help us educate more of our community about what aphasia is and how they can help someone with this condition. As a result this will increase the charity's aim of improving the quality of life of those living with aphasia.

The lack of understanding of aphasia within our community means that people with this condition are left feeling isolated and lonely. The condition affects their relationships, employment, education, social lives and confidence. We hope that in raising awareness of the condition within our community, we can create a place for people with aphasia to live their lives with confidence and find support when needed.

With the funds raised, we will be able to organise a big community festival with the aim of educating the public about aphasia and how they can help someone who has this condition. We hope to create something that is of interest to the majority of our community. To do this, we are including entertainment such as live music, local street food, stalls selling products from small businesses, creative workshops, a fun dog show. The great thing about a community festival, is that there is something for everyone. We can also include educational talks about aphasia. To make aphasia a well heard of condition within our community will be a wonderful accomplishment for the charity. We aim for the word 'aphasia' to become just as recognisable as the word 'stroke'.


Aphasia is a communication disability which occurs when the communication centres of the brain are damaged. It is usually caused by a stroke, brain haemorrhage, head injury or a brain tumour. Aphasia makes it difficult to read, write or speak. It affects people differently. Some people are unable to speak at all, others may have difficulty finding the right words to say or have difficulty reading, writing or using numbers. It affects  relationships, employment, education, social lives and confidence. 

Aphasia affects around 350,000 people in the UK, yet not many people have heard of it. The fact that this condition is rarely heard of, contributes to the loneliness that aphasia sufferers experience.


It is run by people with aphasia for people with aphasia. Aphasia is not a well known condition and so people with aphasia can feel alone. Our aim is to provide continuous support in a social environment with like minded people, who are experiencing similar life changes.

Our charity makes a difference to people living with aphasia by:

  • Offering additional support
  • Helping to adjust to living with aphasia.
  • Meeting like-minded people who are experiencing a similar life change.
  • Making new life long friends.
  • Gaining tips and advice from others with aphasia.
  • Gaining confidence to socialise and communicate as best they can.
  • Re-gaining independence as much as they can.
  • Helping to reduce loneliness.
  • Providing support in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
  • Offering art class and singing class as a therapeutic way to relax and express themselves.

"I feel I have purpose when I come to the groups every week. Before I came here, I felt that I couldn’t do much after the stroke." - service user

"The charity is good for connecting with people, it has also helped me a little more with my speech" - service user

Let's make 'Say Aphasia Community Festival' happen

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