#SavingESTER - The Pearl of Crowdfunder Projects

by Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC in Mylor Churchtown, England, United Kingdom



raised in 54 days



Restore ancient habitat, repopulate native oysters, sustainably manage fishery, encourage responsible production, apply scientific research

by Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC in Mylor Churchtown, England, United Kingdom

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Kaishin 22nd March 2020

One of the few ethical and economically sound habitats that we can enjoy and its fruits. A great cause and Fal oysters are less mineral in taste which I like and a natural delicate briney morsel! Stay safe!

Fal Oyster Ltd Skills4Business Grant 18th March 2020

Despite having to cancel the PopUpGatherings event, which would have got #SavingESTER past the target, we have just received a payment to help our Ltd Co, but without this project we do not know what the future might hold, so we have loaned it to the CIC to help it achieve its target. All thanks to a certain individual who wishes to remain anonymous and a Skills4Business grant awarded to Fal Oyster Ltd.

Zane Dutton Tompson 16th March 2020

Full and Total support , your commitment to the Fal Oyster is admirable . If I can help get this one over the line let me know , all the best and good luck Zane

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