Saving relics in the form classic VWs

by James Tulley in Killamarsh, England, United Kingdom

Saving relics in the form classic VWs


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Hopefully I will get enough funds together to move into a unit and to purchase two projects to save. I have the knowledge and tools already.

by James Tulley in Killamarsh, England, United Kingdom

My goal here is to gain enough funds to gain access to premises to help with the restoration of classic VW vehicles, if successful these will be used for TV, go to museums, they will help to keep the heritage and history alive of these iconic vehicles.

Any funds raised will be distributed to rent, and the first 6 months of advertising and promotion. I have forced that after this period, I should be self sufficient and be able to take flight within the business through funding it with sponsors and main project beneficiaries.

I already have a team of 3 ready 2 engineers and 1 body tech engineer, these guys are some of the best in the business.

Once I'm set up, I'm hoping to pass all my knowledge on to somebody who needs a step up in life so they can carry this legacy on.

In terms of tools, equipment and knowledge ... well I already have those as used to this before, however through unforseen circumstances i had to stop for a while, I could never regain enough funds to start again, this is why I have ended up on here.

To be honest I'm not sure if anybody even reads this or if anybody really does help on these sites, what I am sure of is I'm a genuine real bloke with high aspirations and goals I would do everything in my body and sole to be successful... just sometimes you need a hand to get there.

Well, I'm not sure if that's enough or too much but to anybody who has read this, thank you for your time, take care.


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2 hours drive in a classic vehicle

If I achieve my goal, I will personally take them on a 2 hour drive in one of the completed project vehicles that was built with their help.

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