Help save my familys home from a river

Our aim is to stop a small river (that turns into a big river in storms) from washing away the house my family is building.

We did it!

On 23rd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £175 with 7 supporters in 56 days

Hello. A year ago my father bought this house and land to retire too, with hopes to build a home for the family. Its a lovely place with a large potential for all sorts of projects in the future.

Lots of family and friends have already put a huge amount of work into this place. Unfortunately, during a flash storm on the 27/05, alot of what we started to build got wiped out. We had built from nearby rocks and treetrucks a banking about eighty yards long on our side of the river, which, after hundreds of hours of building,  we belived to be strong enough protection for the house. We were very wrong.

The river forms from four of the largest hills in the Eskdale vally, with the rain that fell down in under two hours the river had swelled far behond what we had ever seen, even including during winter. Our flood defence was dragged clean away, lots of trees were uprooted, the rivers overflow encircled right around the house. As well as this, the track we had rebuilt to the house that runs next to the river got messed up fairly bad too.

This is what happerned after two hours of heavy rainfall, it destroyed close to a thousand hours worth of hard labour. I worry what will happern if we have a simular downpour which lasts for a day instead.

So thats our problem, its a hefty one for sure, but were not the giving in type. This is some of what were going to do as soon as possible to solve the issue -

Firstly its a long streach of river that we have to guard, so we need to once again level off and prepare our side of the river bank ready to build it up the defence again, this in its self is a huge task that will need alot of hands on for.
We then plan to get alot of heavy duty Gambion Cages to form the bank. These we will possibley combine with concreate and tree trunks to form a solid bank.
As i said, its along streach of river, where as I said before our orginal flood defence was eighty yards long, (it was also 5 foot high) what we need to build now may well need to be close to quarter of a mile long and 8 foot high.

So my family and I are looking for funding not only to pay for the tonns of materials needed to stop the river washing away our future home, (we havent started rebuilding the house yet, just been working on the grounds) but we also need funds for equipment we'll probley need for the job such as the use of a JCB digger, hand tools fit for purpose. As well, we'll pay all the fantastic people willing to help us rebuild.

Im not sure on the amount of time and money needed to sort the river properly, but anything will make a diffrence.
This is a wonderful old house with a long history, we plan to make sure it carrys on standing. With your help and help from others we will succeed.

Thanks for your time. If you choice to do donate then an overwhelmingly massive thank you to you.
Also if you think this is worth spreading the news about on the google and the facebook please to, that would help loads to.

Ta. Vince.

About the picture above. The house is placed a little more up steam than here, but thats the scope of it.
About the video. (not sure if it will even work) My father is no cameraman, sorry. Also, please excuse the swearing.

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