Saving Fat Lolly and friends

by Samantha Morgan-Lister in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Saving  Fat Lolly and friends
We did it
On 28th September 2019 we successfully raised £15 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Our rescue centre needs to be purchased so that the dogs can stay together and the rescuing and loving can continue. Thank you

by Samantha Morgan-Lister in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

 Thank you for reading. Time is precious. Im grateful for yours.

I accidentally  started an animal rescue centre 5 years ago in Egypt. My heart broke with all of the stray and suffering dogs . One rescue led to another and some of those were pregnant and so puppies.  We have had over 100 precious souls come through our home. Most successe stories. Some not. All worth it .

I work in the UK to raise funds for the centre and travel there every 3 weeks. Jenny and Mahmoud stay with them 24 hours a day to make sure they are safe. I have  self funded everything for the rescue centre with just my salary. (Rent, electricity,water,food,medications,vets fees and our helpers salaries) . Recently the owner of the villa that we call our home has decided to sell for 300 000 uk pounds. It has a large back and front garden which is extremely hard to find and allows me to separate the shy and afraid dogs from the more confident.

 I have tried to find an alternative home and nobody wants all the dogs on their property which is understandable and the grounds we need are not available.  This means some of the dogs have no chance of rehoming.

 Fat Lolly was our first recue . Emaciated and hiding under crates at 6 weeks old. She has a thyroid tumour and has 15 tablets a day.  She is not well enough to rehome . Troy was our second rescue. He did not know what stairs or noise from a television was when we got him. He was afraid of the wind. Hes now our magnificent alpha male and a true gentleman. 

Between Fat Lolly  and Troy they have loved and nurtured and been family to over 100  dogs . We have a core family of 9 dogs now and the new rescues have stopped while we have such uncertainty in our lives. 

The money raised  would purchase the house and grounds and make the changes to the current property to increase the resuces we could accept. I would continue my ongoing commitment as these are my children . I am desperate to find a solution as the core of 9 dogs are not really appropriate to rehome as they have various disabilities .

Chicca has 1 eye and was emaciated and ravaged by packs of dogs in the desert  and is our saddest case and our most loving dog. She cannot be with any of the others as she is attacked for being the weakest so lives mostly inside which she does relish.

Daisy Boo was given 24 hours to survive after we peeled her off the bottom of a cage and left most of her fur and skin stuck to the bottom. Shes now our smallest but sassiest swimmer and instigator of nonsense

Dave is Chiccas son and was born dead. The 30 minutes he was without oxygen has meant he is a little crazy and wobbly but so arent we all? He loves veggies and eats them straight from our little veggie garden! 

The girls Vivi and Winter are sisters and were born to a beautiful street dog who died at my feet from a fit. The girls lived in my hoody for their first 8 weeks of life. They love water and kissing and are inseparable .

Shona was rescued from a stoning . She is pure intelligence and love and it amazes me every day that she loves everybody and everything.

Edeh was rescued from the motorway.5 weeks old and bleeding from nose and mouth . He survived extreme mange and parvo and is just the most peaceful and gentle soul who sleeps with all of our sick rescues until they get better. His choice and hes always right . 

I need to desperately secure their home. Desperately. We have 3 weeks and I have exhausted all options . My plan is to purchase the home and then develop the grounds so we can extend our resources to rescue more animals. I am happy to sign over the home  to any purchaser with the promise that it is for the dogs. I can send all expenses and expenditure so far.  I can send pictures and videos and my email is 

 Every single penny donated is going to give us hope . Perhaps this is something you always wanted to be part of. Now you can .Thank you for reading. Perhaps a company would like to add this to their portfolio of good deeds or an individual or a group could gather together to help. 

Come and visit us. Please just meet us and see.

Thank you from 

Fat LollY






Daisy boo



And me, sam  and those waiting for our home 

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