Saving lives in sports

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Saving lives in sports

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This proposal is being developed to enable the following benefits: Opportunity to engage hard to reach young people. Through sports

Players First is an organisation that has been working with young people through engaging them in football related activities to provide them with lifelong skills including:

 discipline

 communication

 structure to their everyday lives

 shared learning

 skills development

Eradicating mental health in young people 

Players First has been delivering football related skill building for over ten years in the West London area. In that time they have worked with over 500 young people some of whom have gone on to sign up with regular football clubs.

Who we are

We are a Community interest  company known as Players First providing football coaching for young people in various venues and affiliated to Middlesex FA. We work with schools and local Football clubs to support the development of children and young people through the provision of training for skills development, mentoring and health and nutrition awareness.

We have currently put together an Apprenticeship scheme, which include leaning through college and practical work for four days a week, for young 16-19 year old who want to take up this profession in coaching children. All our coaches hold a recognised and valid coaching qualification, are FA licensed and Criminal Records Bureau (DBS) checked. They are also constantly on a Continuous Development (CPD) path

 Based on the belief that football has the power to transform young people’s lives, the proposal aims to help young people as the key participants to build practical skills and self-confidence, to create aspirations, self-belief and self-esteem. Through this we believe that they will be able to change their lives.

 Continuous training provides the coaches with skills to necessary to handle the growing demands of the game at every level.

What we offer

1. Futsal across all age groups and to both male and female.

2. Pathway linked with various organisations

3. Programme tailored for all the team: 11-16 yrs.

4. All our coaches DBS checked

5. We offer both male and female coaches

6. Diet management support for participants.

7. Fostering support

8. We offer mentoring to both players and coaches.

9. Support with grades

10. Avoiding exclusions

Partnership links

1. Football Association

2. Social Services

3. Police

4. Local Clubs

5. Local Schools

6. Professional footballers as guests

What we want to do

We want to develop a programme to work with young people (male and female) aged 11-16 (per cohort) using sports to support them to stay in school, build their self-confidence to create aspirations and self–esteem through a systematic programme:

 Informing them through provision of structured and regular updates

 Empowering them through regular talks and mentoring support

 Educating them on nutrition and injuries

 Providing volunteering opportunities in the local community

The initiative will work closely with local schools and businesses to identify mentoring and volunteering opportunities. On joining each participant will be assessed to identify key issues for support.

Participants will be taken through:

 Weekly one hour football skills session

 10 week mentoring support

 30 minutes talk on a monthly basis on relevant topics

 Monthly review of participants work

In addition participants will develop a portfolio which will indicate the activities they have undertaken and the challenges they have faced during that time.

The initiative will seek to produce positive outcomes at three levels;

 (i) Developing the Participants life skills

Through engaging in the initiative, the young people will develop key life skills to support them in their growth and education. As a result of this, many of the participants will be able to understand how to relate to society and their community and will be better equipped to engage activities that they want to engage in.

(ii) Embedding Youth Work Skills in Sports Organisations

Through our close links with local football clubs, the Initiative will allow the young people to have a career route and mentoring opportunities. It will also support the clubs to better engage with the local community.

(iii) Engaging with the Wider Community

This initiative is proposed to have a positive impact on the wider community through identifying positive role models for the young people and providing opportunities for volunteering and leadership in local establishments.

Need for the project

1. There is need to support a reduction in levels of unemployment of young people

2. The presence of Diabetes in young people has an impact on eating disorders and higher BMI.

The project would equip participants with skills to support management of the illness.

3. The situation of obesity in Ealing is worse than the England average (Director of Public

Health Ealing, 2016) with the prevalence in year 6 (11 years old) on the increase

4. Nutrition support

5. Need to support provision of physical activity as part of the healthier4you to help build

confidence and self-esteem.

6. Support with managing body image as it has a detrimental impact on young people.

How we will know we are succeeding

Soccer coaching clinics are an ideal way to for children to learn founded on the principles of teamwork, safety, fun and attitude. We will know we are succeeding through:

1. Number of children attending the complete sessions

2. Number of children improving their school attendance and work.

3. Improved reading ability

4. Number of volunteering opportunities identified and taken up for at least 5 weeks

5. Feedback from community, parents and schools through an end of programme assessment.


The initiative will encourage stakeholders to continue engaging with each other to maintain the development that would have been achieved as below:

1. Participants will be encouraged to continue their linkage with mentors and the organisation.

2.If the programme is successful, we intend to integrate it into the normal offer for young people. In west london 

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