Saving British Rail Engineering History 353224

Saving British Rail Engineering History 353224

Our project is to raise funds to preserve the prototype CDA wagon 353224 which is currently up for sale.

We did it!

On 16th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,380 of £2,000 target with 52 supporters in 28 days

Our project is to raise funds to preserve the prototype CDA wagon 353224 which is currently up for sale, converted from a HAA merry go round coal hopper.

There were 11,162 MGR hoppers built. The numbering ranges were 350000-359571, 365000-366129 and 368000-368459

The two prototype wagons were built at Darlington works in 1964 and 1965 respectively, following which several large batches were constructed at the nearby Shildon works. With the exceptions of the two prototypes built at Darlington and small batch of 160 wagons built at Ashford, all 10,702 HAA wagons and 460 HDA wagons were built there. Most of the early wagons (up to 355396) were originally lettered with B prefix numbers but these were later removed.

Only a very small number of CDA wagons were converted from MGR wagons (HAA), firstly the prototype CDA 353224 in 1986 (retaining the same number it had as a HAA) which lead to the new build of CDA wagons 375000 - 375123 (124 wagons), these were all in traffic by 1988. Then in 1989 more wagons were added to the fleet and these were converted from HAA MGR wagons and renumbered 375124 - 375137 (14 wagons). All the CDAs converted from MGR wagons are now out of use or scrapped, the prototype 353224 is stored alone in 'River Road' at St.Blazey.

China Clay is the the lifeblood of Fowey Docks. Around three quarters of a million tonnes are exported from Fowey annually. The majority is in bulk form, i.e. loose, however it is also shipped on pallets and in big bags. The product serves the paper industry in Norway, Sweden and Finland. It also supplies the ceramics industry (Tableware and Sanitaryware) in Egypt, Italy, Portugal and many other countries.

Of the 11,162 built, only 17 remain. 14 have been preserved, and this is one of the three left extant.

Please give generously as this is the only chance we will have to save this iconic wagon.

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