Saving Artie

by Beth Mantel in Tadley, Hampshire, England

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Trying to find a cure for my lovely, talented Welsh section D.

by Beth Mantel in Tadley, Hampshire, England

So I feel I am begging here but hey Emily King got a horse sponsored so I have nothing to lose and Artie may have a lot to  gain (like his life!) ....

Artie .., he is only 6 but has developed some sort of huge allergic reaction.  Vets have no clue at this point.  He has had three short acting steroid injections (worked for 5/6 days) then one long acting one .. ( yayyy lasted 6 days!!!).  He has weeping filled sores (see the video). We have taken him off everything they thought he may be allergic too ... hay .. alfalfa ... feed ... but he has come up in these awful sores (oozing puss) 6 days later.  I am at a loss what to do .. is he allergic to his own sweat? .. or fly bites?   I do not know how to go forward as cannot afford the vet bills that come with intensive allergy testing ... so I appeal to anyone who knows me or who can share my post .. even a few pound each may provide an answer and a vaccine .. otherwise this otherwise lovely pony has no future.  I am no beggar but just don’t know where to go.  All the fb ideas I have been given so far have not worked ????????????????????????????

He was gifted to me last August and has already shown so much talent in both British Dressage winning almost every test he has ever done with scores of over 70%! Sadly if we cannot find a cure to his issues his future is not looking hopeful! 

Anything donated OVER the vets bills or 2k quoted will go to a UK equine charity.

Please help us! ???????????? I am not begging to keep a potential top event horse but you can visit me and Artie whenever you like if he gets a chance to recover from whatever his issue is ... please whatever you can offer! I will be updating you all with his progress! ❤️

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