Saving Alfreds Freedom

Saving Alfreds Freedom

Please help us save our family man Alfred, 7 year old fit and healthy west highland terrier from being put to rest. Bilateral knee surgery

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please help us save our family man Alfred, he's a 7 year old for as a fiddle west highland terrier. Originally saved from living a short unkept life on a farm in Essex.

We took this youngster on with an open mind and he has brought our whole family joy and laughter. He's seen our children be born, protected and cherished them every day, been a step dad to 5 beautiful puppies and helped mum all he could to ensure she could rest. 

He and his friend come everywhere with us even to work where he enjoys the fuss. Never missed a single day without a walk until one day Alfred woke up in terrible distress. He was completely lame and unable to weight bare. He was rushed straight to the vets Saturday morning and confirmed he needs bIlateral Cranial Cruciate reconstructive surgery on both knees. This unexpected bill of £6000 has come as such a shock. Our children are deverstated and afraid there boy may not survive another birthday if mummy and daddy can't afford the surgery.

We have the last couple of thousand left to save please please could anyone help just £1 each would be such a helping hand to get Alfred out the vets and back on his feet. Without surgery Alfred would be in terrible pain unable to walk we will have no choice but to be put to rest leaving our family deverstated that we failed him.  Please help us give Alfred the surgery he deserves m.