Saving a Family Christmas

by Hamish Ross in Golspie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Saving a Family Christmas
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Looking to raise funds to replace some of what has been stolen. Every penny counts as times are tough for them and Xmas is almost upon us!

by Hamish Ross in Golspie, Scotland, United Kingdom

I've just found out that my brother, sister in law and nephew have been the victims of a house break in. The thieves made off with £5,500.00 stored in a safe which was going towards a family holiday.

My brother and I lost our granny this week and our remaining granny isn't doing great either. Neither of them have had an easy time in the last few years.

The money stolen was a nest egg to help them through Christmas as my sister in law is on a zero hours contract as a care assistant. While my brother is self employed working in the forestry industry.

They're hard working people who've sacrificed a lot personally to help care for sick relatives, maintain employment and raise my nephew all at the same time. Never once splashing out on themselves.

Anything we can raise on their behalf would go a long way in helping them out.

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