Save Wellesbourne Airfield

by Take Flight Aviation in Wellesbourne, England, United Kingdom

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To Save Wellesbourne Airfield! Help fund legal fees past and present.

by Take Flight Aviation in Wellesbourne, England, United Kingdom

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John Everton 7th August 2019

You’d have thought some kind of compromise could be made, too many airfields are disappearing under housing development, Wellesbourne is such a special place and a local asset as an airfield.

Steve 3rd July 2019

There are many in the village of Wellesbourne that are behind saving the airfield, as the recent local election result shows. I sincerely hope I don’t loose my neighbours, as reported in the local press. I wish you all the best.

James Alty 2nd July 2019

Great effort with world record publicity! Thank you for continuing the fight on behalf of all the pilots who are based at or visit Wellesbourne.

Martin 28th June 2019

I love all aspects of aviation, I'm proud of the UKs heritage and achievements. Im tired of loosing such to greed, myopia and stupidity as well as our history being rewritten. Im tired too of loosing serviceable aircraft, such as the Twin Pioneer and Canberra's et al. Im definitely extremely weary of the idiocy and forked tongued speech to come out of central government and local government. Wellsbourne is an important part of our heritage and an important current day resource. I'm not a wealthy man, but I hope that every little helps. Good luck everyone.

Gareth Davis 15th June 2019

There are to many airfields closing & pushing general aviation out, also what would happen to the Vulcan which is kept in running order by a team of dedicated volunteers? That would be another piece of history lost- possibly.

Greg Paino 6th May 2019

Support local General Aviation businesses, whilst at the same time preserving the semi-rural character of the Warwickshire countryside - Keep Wellesbourne Airfield open.

Daniel Holloway 6th May 2019

There are so many reasons to keep the airfield open. Wellesbourne is not only a central hub for General Aviation, it acts as a community hub to local people and visitors to the area, inspires future pilots, creates jobs, invests in the future of aviation, brings business to the local area (I could go on). Wellesbourne is a foundation for future airline pilots, firstly inspiring them to fly. Secondly it is incredibly important for the early stages of training which we see on a daily basis, both commercial and general. Personally, without Wellesbourne Airfield, Take Flight and the other businesses on the airfield I wouldn't have a job and certainly wouldn't be on a career path towards my goal of being a commercial pilot. I love working at Wellesbounre airfield, meeting the friendly community, flying from the airfield and occasionally having a fry up at the popular Touchdown cafe. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this cause and a bigger thank you to the businesses who are fighting this cause. Keep going! Dan

Denis Vincent Cadigan 27th April 2019

I’ve been flying into Wellesbourne from Jersey for the last twenty years to visit family and friends and also to get to events in the Midlands. It’s friendly, convenient, well equipped and managed, centrally located and with customs facilities allowing direct access from outside the UK. It was voted best UK GA airfield for a good reason and must not be allowed to close!

daisleyjohn 22nd April 2019

Good luck with the fight. Wellesbourne was the first airfield I visited on my qualifying cross country when doing my ppl, be a sad day if it and all the the businesses there are lost

Hal pearson 21st April 2019

Wellesbourne’s airfield is part of the villages identity. It would be such a shame to lose it because of the Litter family’s greed.

Hansher Consulting ltd 16th April 2019

The airfield is one of the key features of Wellesbourne. It cannot be allowed to become a housing estate. SoA are to be applauded for the compulsory purchase order - may it come sooner not later.

Steve Bird 9th April 2019

It’s hard to keep my comments to a few words. I’ve lived in Wellesbourne since 1985, and have visited this wonderful family owned jewel in the crown, along with thousands of others over the decades, (young children outside the cafe delighted when a pilot coming past waves at them, priceless) the open days, Vulcan taxying and wings and wheels events. It saddens me to hear that all this can still be under such a threat from unnecessary massive development, especially considering that our local neighborhood and district plans aim to protect and enhance aviation and associated facilities. That the tenants face such threats to their livelihoods in light of the recent court judgment, appears to be contradictory to all evidence, and if carried out, heartless. I have visited the cafe on every birthday for the past few years, and sincerely wish to carry on doing so. I applaud the action of the district council, and I sincerely hope that a swift and amicable solution can be achieved to protect this land, it’s airfield, associated businesses and cafe that have been here for generations and have become part of our village and my life.

Keith Miles 9th April 2019

If Wellesbourne Airfield were to close purely as a result of a combination of a seemingly quirky legal process and corporate financial muscle and in the face of almost universal opposition and with the contradictions involved, that would amount to a gross injustice. Stratford District Council should be applauded for their determined stance in support of both the airfield and its tenants and for their positive forward thinking. In the face of CPO proceedings, I fail to see why common sense should not now prevail and it is reasonable to perhaps assume that it might well have done so were it not for the involvement of Gladman Developments. It is they who appear to be the main adversary and it is clear what their intentions and motives are. They should not be allowed to succeed and it would be a sad day for both Wellesbourne and our supposed justice system if they do.

Richard Wenham 8th April 2019

This is a great airfield, reliably open, with a welcome from all concerned. Please, SDC, act before the airfield is forced to close. We need airfields like this to maintain a national reserve of trained pilots, and the infrastructure which they require.

Bruce Dean 8th April 2019

Wellesbourne has a historical legacy which in itself should say keep it open and don’t build all over it. Once lost it will be gone for ever as is happening to so many GA airfields. Stratford District Council want it as an airfield and have stated no planning permission to build houses on the site will granted. Located the heart of Warwickshire it is perfectly placed for Aviation and provides many facilities and employment for a whole cross section of people. The legal judgment illustrates that at times the law deems inadmissible many of the arguments around an issue. We must, and have to fight for this great airfield and the people who use it, work at it and for all future generations of pilots & aviation enthusiasts alike. The airline industry is short of Pilots and Wellesbourne through TakeFlight and South Warwickshire Flying School for fixed wing along with On-Track for Helicopters continues to produce aviators of the future.

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