Save Waterloo Dock
We did it
On 18th September 2019 we successfully raised £1,580 with 41 supporters in 28 days

To Save Waterloo Dock from destruction and the City of Liverpool's World Heritage Status. Power to the People not the Planners.

by Save Waterloo Dock in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Engage a planner to design an alternative vision for the Dock that works for the heritage and environment, conserves and protects this historical site, serves the community and creates jobs through cultural tourism. Create a place and space accessible to all for all. 

Our goal is to stop the big guys from destroying the Dock. UNESCO, (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) say that if the Dock is infilled and destroyed   Liverpool's World Heritage status will be lost forever and to future generations. It is an environmental issue too, a beautiful water space; a conservation area; home to fauna and wildlife. 

Ordinary people fighting to save the dock are being ignored by the mayor; planners, landowners, and developers, who have plenty of money to peddle images that do not reflect the reality of the destruction of this site which also houses a magnificent grade 11 listed building, Waterloo Warehouse, which will be effectively buried by the huge monolithic structures proposed along with its existing environment and community.   We have campaigned with nothing but our passion and got the Dock on the global stage of UNESCO. 

We want to challenge the planning application to fill in the Dock and create an alternative vision maximising the potential of the Dock without destroying it.  

 BUT passion and our wits won't be enough. If it is passed by the Council's planning committee, we will have to raise money very quickly to challenge the process legally through a judicial review. The process has been flawed, we have the evidence so we have a good chance, but a legal challenge is a costly process, so please, help us raise money for preparatory legal work and in the event of a judicial review to have the funds to fight the politicians, bureaucrats and demagogues.

The history of the Dock - it was the first stop for Irish and Italian migrants on their journey to America;  Patrick Kennedy, great grandfather to the president John F Kennedy was an Irish labourer who sailed into the Dock on his way to a better life in America. It was the home of the first-ever Liverpool Observatory, (a breakthrough in maritime innovation and essential invention to ensure the safe passage of ships and cargo); the site of the worlds first-grain house and there's so much more. . Visit our website

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