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by Trenza Braid Bar in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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Can you help save Trenza Braid Bar? COVID-19 has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of Britains small businesses like mine.

by Trenza Braid Bar in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

My wider plan is to launch a Trenza Training Academy. Initially I would like help to fund an opportunity to recruit and train a College or University Student of Black heritage studying Hair & Beauty to join my team.  

I feel it's important in my role as a local employer to ensure my company is offering employment opportunities to individuals from BAME backgrounds.

Equally it is important that my entire team of stylists are able to style hair types from all cultures. The training academy will support training in this field.

Trenza Braid Bar needs your help...


A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Raz. I'm a mum of two and I founded Trenza Braid Bar in Westquay Shopping Centre just under 9 months ago. I wanted to bring a fun Braid Bar to the City for children, women and men, to bring happiness and a boost of confidence through our hair styling pop up. There is no better feeling than seeing our customers smiling faces with their fab new hairstyle.

My business is brilliant and fun and loved by all our customers. In a short time we have made a huge impact, I've created jobs and brought  fun and sass to Southampton. I may be a tiny start up but I have huge dreams and ambition.

Getting my little business into Westquay and growing a brilliant team and brand has been a great achievement, surviving many hurdles along the way.   Just as I was relaxing into my new role of  business owner and  allowing myself to enjoy a glimmer of excitement of a business that was starting to feel established, Covid 19 struck snatching the rug from under my feet.


Why I need your help ..

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of Britains small businesses like mine, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive.

This period of temporary closure should have been my happiest and busiest time, it’s with such great sadness to have to put all my plans on hold, with no real certainty of what the future holds. 

My business is sadly one of the ones that gets zero government support. No funds, grants, bailouts or even furlough. As a Ltd company that doesn’t pay rates to a local authority but directly to Westquay I have not been able to claim a penny to support myself or my business.

The  pandemic is having a pretty devastating affect on my business. The request for bills to be paid continue, yet I have no income coming in.  Furthermore, I will have to spend a significant amount  to now make my business safe for customers due to the virus. 

How you can help..

I have recently learnt about Crowdfunder, with your help this could be my lifeline.

With your support if I can raise £2,000 I will be able to get match funding from a local grant. In total that would be £4000 to support the business which will be a much needed lifeline at this critical time.

We at Trenza Braid Bar are looking to raise £2,000 from our local customers, friends and family and the Solent LEP have generously agreed to match fund this for us if we are lucky enough to reach our target! 

I have a brilliant team of Stylists at Trenza that feel like family,  I want to make sure that everyone has a job to come back to. Your support will not only help to save my teams jobs but also my business.


How your support will help Trenza

Poor consumer confidence to visit a hair salon in a high footfall area such as Westquay will no doubt have a huge knock on effect which will have a huge impact on my ability to make enough sales. Just as my business has started to feel established I feel I will be now starting all over again to build up customer confidence.

Your help will enable me to plan a future for Trenza over the coming months while easing some of the burden and stress to pay rent and salaries that will be a huge struggle due to the impact of Covid 19.

It will also help fund the new infrastructure that is now required by government to run my business premises in a safe way for my customers and staff ensuring we adhere to social distancing.

I will reward you for your support

The best part of Crowdfunding is that your donation to my cause means I can reward you too. So not only are you doing good, you also get a reward for doing so.If you pledge money for my appeal, I will reward you in the following ways:

£10 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
* 25% Discount Voucher
* A set of Trenza hair bands.

£20 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
*Raffle entry to win free feed in braids
*25% Discount Voucher
*A set of Trenza hair bands.

£50 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
*Raffle Entry for free feed in braids
*35% Discount Voucher
*Set of Trenza Hair Bands

£100 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
*Free Braid Lesson / Braided Hair Style Gift Voucher
*Set of Trenza Hair Bands

£200 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
*Free Braided Hair Style Gift Voucher
*Trenza Branded Top
*Set of Trenza Hair Bands

£1000 Reward

*A thank you on our social media platforms
*A Bell Tent Braid Party

Every donation makes a difference.  A huge thank you from me and my team for your support.

Please can you help me by spreading the word by sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Whassap and email!

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