Directly to help the female inmates and children of Nigeria gain valuable skills in enterprise so they have better life prospects.

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On 13th May 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Many women in Nigeria are lost to the prison system, with no hope of establishing a better life. They may have entered prison through being forced to commit petty crimes in order to feed their families and once they are imprisoned they are further penalised giving them little to no help of creating a positive future. The women lack the skills, the training and the hope to create a real lives for themselves or their families.

Save the Woman helps restore this hope. Working in prisons, teaching the females hard skills like jewelery manufacture, commending them for their talents through graduation ceremonies and also teaching soft skills such as business and enterprise. This powerful combination not only allows the women to attain the skills they need to find employment, or establish a business of their own but also empowers them, giving them the confidence that they can and will achieve more.

Not only this, but we do more. We try to tackle the problem before it even arises, in schools in Nigeria. Here, we teach the children the importance of business and honest living. We teach them the skills based on needs assessments, the children in Nigeria are passionate for Science. Therefore we developed our project with that in mind, teaching the children how to make chalk and soaps, so they too can help their communities by establishing their own businesses upon leaving school. 

This project is two-fold, in that it doesn't just tackle a problem, it tries to find a solution. Save the Woman is determined to become self sustainable, however without funding for our Teesside team to travel to Nigeria, we are unable to aid and progress the movement so that we can impact more lives, faster. Please, take time to donate to this valuable cause and empower not only the women of Nigeria, but their families.


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