Save the monkeys!

We are seeking funding for creating a documentary to raise awareness about monkeys

We did it!

On 26th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £628 of £500 target with 43 supporters in 28 days


Muffin Break has supported us the delicious muffins.  



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Project aim

We are seeking funding for creating a documentary to raise awareness about monkeys base in Malaysia, for instance monkeys are fed by human food, take the food from garbage and make it messily that cause human-monkeys conflict. Also, this documentary could help to drawn an attention about the animal problems all around the world!



Who are we?

We are the University of Surrey’s MSc Entrepreneurship students who set up this project and cooperate with Animal Neighbour (VET School, Uni of Surrey) to raise funding. This funding will be used to produce the documentary.


What is Animal Neighbours?

Animal neighbours is a team researching project at School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey, the community aims to tackle human animal conflict by using research and education. Currently, animal neighbours project is in Malaysia where the awareness and instruction program are needed to make people realize human-monkey conflict in urban area and the main original cause of this problem, to avoid poor management choices such as trapping and shooting. Sorrowfully, 100,000 monkeys were shot dead in 2013; this is a part of human wildlife conflict. we intend to conduct an awareness campaign to educate people living close to animals or tourist who encourage feeding behaviour. By doing this, the issue can be addressed from the grassroots as it is very important to create awareness about this issue. We need support to be able to conduct this awareness campaign.






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