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Help us to organise a worldwide campaign to protect unique British heritage. Help us to preserve Britain’s past for future generations.

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 Did you know, that according to an English Heritage survey, there are more than 5,000 beautiful listed buildings in the UK that are currently in a state of disrepair and are facing inevitable ruin just because their owners cannot afford the basic repairs or because they simply abandoned the properties. There are also 345,000 (!!!) listed buildings that might fall into this category pretty soon.

English Heritage says Grade II buildings account for 92 per cent of all listed buildings and include houses, shops, inns, offices, schools, town halls, libraries, farms and mills which used to make up the character of England’s towns, cities and country.

Architectural historian and ex Chief Executive of English Heritage Dr. Simon Thurley said: 'Grade II buildings are the bulk of the nation’s heritage treasury. When one of them is lost, it’s as though someone has rubbed out a bit of the past; something that made your street or your village special will have gone.'

 This list of properties is growing day by day while all those beautiful and rare houses are falling apart even as you are reading this. The conditions of the modern property market are such, that there are simply not enough buyers to purchase all the listed and decaying properties that are on the UK market at the moment. Most of the UK property buyers are opting for the cheaper and the easiest way to invest their money – they are buying ready to move in, recently built houses. Most of those buyers simply don’t welcome the idea of facing additional expenses and the hustle associated with repairs and refurbishment of listed old houses.

 No one can alter the market trends, but everyone knows that something has to be done. Otherwise this slow but imminently progressing tendency is going to deprive this country of its national treasures and its true character. If we don’t act now - it would be too late.     



 Obviously, no charity fund or government organisation would be able to finance the preservation of hundreds of thousands of properties across the UK. It is simply impossible. The only solution of the problem is to find new, private owners for those listed properties; owners that would take care of them. 

The rapid growth of the Eastern European economy over the past years and the abolition of interstate boarders within Europe have led to an unprecedented growth of the Eastern European (especially Russian) economy and life standards, thus leading to the rapid development of the travel industry and the freer movement of capital across borders. The number of wealthy Eastern European tourists and investors visiting the UK is growing day by day.

There is also an unforeseen increase in a number of Russian and Chinese investors who are looking for the opportunity to invest their capital in commercial and private properties in the UK. And nowadays, various Eastern European business and real estate agencies are busy looking for UK properties and looking forward to arranging as many purchase deals for the investors as possible. What those agencies and the investors lack, is clear information and well produced business reports on the potential investments. The investors need those reports in order to recognise their opportunities and to make qualified decision about purchasing one or another property.

Please help us to organise a worldwide campaign to protect unique British heritage. Together we can make it.   



New Direction

Nowadays hundreds of billions of euros are being transferred out of Eastern Europe and South East Asia to the UK and most of them are invested into already profitable businesses nationwide and newly built luxury apartments in the centre of London, thus missing the listed properties target simply because most of the investors are not aware of this existing and very attractive opportunity due to the fact that the real estate agencies in their countries simply don’t have any properly presented reports on buildings that are currently on sale or will be on sale soon. Our aim is to inform foreign investors about this opportunity, to supply them with detailed reports and to channel their capital into right direction.

 The easiest way to achieve this is to establish a video production company that would supply the potential investors or buyers with brief videos and business reports via their local Eastern European foreign property and business information agency.

In fact, all these agencies are already looking for a great amount of marketing material in the form of video travelogues devoted to the real estate investment in the UK in general and brief 10-15 minutes video reports on any particular residential or business property that is currently on sale. In addition there are a growing numbers of Eastern European educational organisations that require similar type of materials in order to be able to produce educational films on the subject of property investment in the UK and Western Europe.


Media is the answer

 However here is the problem: most of the above mentioned agencies are small enterprises and they cannot afford to run their own video production teams, and when they need any business or marketing material they have to look for ways to obtain it elsewhere. The Eastern European central and local TV companies are large corporations that are very busy with their main stream TV production for broadcasting via existing TV networks and don’t normally cater for the needs of small and midrange businesses and if they do, they charge exceptionally high prices. Therefore, all property and business agencies that require the videos have no choice but to order them to be produced in a much smaller video production company that in turn, cannot afford to organise and send their own production teams abroad. It’s expensive and it requires certain organisational expertise. It requires a knowledge of each country and language, knowledge of the best transportation routes; it requires the visas for the video crew members and it requires a deep knowledge of the UK property market. So, there is a clearly defined marketing and informational gap that we are aiming to fill by building a bridge between investors who are bringing their billions into the UK, and hundreds of thousands of decaying British properties in need of preservation. By eliminating this gap we are saving our past from inevitable oblivion.       


Our Plan

 The aim of our project is to create a video production company that would allow the launch of a wide media campaign to attract the attention of wealthy property investors towards hundreds of thousands of decaying UK listed properties in order to save as many of them as possible from their inevitable demolition. In effect, our organisation will act as an agency that is matching potential buyers and investors with neglected and abandoned listed properties. By buying and restoring the properties, the investors will be saving them from imminent decay and destruction, thus preserving them for future generations.


 We can make it happen

 We are a team of experienced TV and real estate professionals who have extensive, suitable connections amongst both Eastern European and Chinese real estate agencies and TV production companies and we are fully capable to tackle the issue. What we need, is to raise funding that would allow us to purchase all the required video production equipment and to cover some initial operational and travel costs, and we hope, that you can help us to achieve this.

 Look at the photos of those once beautiful buildings. If we don’t take care for them now they will be gone forever and no magician or miracle worker would be able to get them back. And with them, some part of British history will be gone forever as well. Help us to preserve the genuine face of Britain, help us to give our future generations something that can only be preserved if we act now – its true identity and beauty.  

 Help us to preserve Britain’s past for future generations and for the world.



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