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I now have MY OWN Crowdfunder – I Aint too proud to beg !(its my birthday on 20th October J )Always said to myself I would never do this ,...

by Mick Wood (Monsta) in London, England, United Kingdom

I now have MY OWN Crowdfunder – I Aint too proud to beg !
(its my birthday on 20th October J )

Always said to myself I would never do this , but with everything looking worse daily I don’t think I have a choice – Monsta Ents has been promoting bands, clubs, venues, dancers, performers and events in general since 1999. I have never got rich from it , but until “free entry” appeared on the back of the Live Music Act I had a fair chance of not losing too much – not that it was ever about that , with an estimated 200k “invested” (lost) in this field I obviously do it for the love more than the money but even before Covid it was becoming increasingly difficult to simply break even .

I tried to balance this out with acting and extra work but increasingly I was having to fall back on my old “plan b” and do security – no safeguards, no social life and since it was made it so easy to get a badge, meaning more (poorly trained) competition for contracts – no real money (I was getting double an hour 20 years ago than what I’m getting now for a night on the door).

Since the Chancellor has decided that the Arts and all its subsidiary industries are not viable , it looks like my full time job in live music will fizzle to nothing (don’t worry – when it comes back – so will I) , I am in my 8th Month of recovering from Covid 19 – but despite the respiratory risk of standing out in the cold, maybe getting Covid again (NOBODY knows for sure you cant) putting myself at further risk seems to be the only way I have half a chance of paying basic bills this winter. (I had no furlough or Government help, spent all my savings trying to survive and now struggle with the debts the Government have pushed me into acquiring). Far short of Covid, The Tories or me dying – I cant see a way out.

Sooooo, for once I have to sound selfish – if you ever enjoyed playing or performing for me, going to one of my events or found a new artiste you enjoyed through something Monsta has done (over 10,000 bands at the last count , that was 5 years ago – mainly underground but I have worked with the “high end” to) – Club nights going way back 15 years , charity events etc please pledge that beer you offered that I never took (never drink when I work – in any capacity). If I put on THAT band you were always dying to see – if you can, make a little pledge.

If your band has had a great show and wants to say thanks , get me that “kebab” I always mentioned (but never ate - hate the things), if you danced for me, dj’d for me, performed for me in any way – or if you had a great night at one of my events whether that be as a paying customer, (pest) guest listed, press listed or simply blagged it (I like to be nice when I can be) as much as I appreciated you being there – if you can, please pledge something – anything will help. I hate having to do this but I really can see no other short term solution at this time.

The venues and promoters I work with and for to date have received NOTHING in the way of Government help whatsoever (The Unicorn crowdfunder continues until December and that money is simply covering a fraction of the bills – I never got, or want a penny from that – I just want that beautiful little hovel back open).

Thank you from my grumpy old heart for always supporting Monsta Ents and STC Touring, I love every minute of what I do and am so proud to be surrounded by the absolute talent this beautiful , savage, sweet, bitter industry nurtures and uncovers for the world to see. I am blessed that I have been able to do this (REST ASSURRED – One way or the other WE WILL CARRY ON!).

Please share even if you cant pledge – I know times are mega hard for many – and I am very proud – if this Covid thing has anything positive to offer it is that I have learnt to not suffer fools gladly, but most importantly to not be afraid to shout “help” (mentally , physically or financially). It goes without saying that where I can I offer the same.

My motto when I started Monsta was “Keep The Loop Loud” – I have every intention of still living up to that as soon as possible – until then I just need to survive.

Thanks for listening – for coming to the shows and being part of my wonderful if not a rollercoaster of a life.

Hugs, Love and Noise J xx \m/
Mick Wood

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