Help save puppy Lunis

by Luisa Lunis in Indonesia

Help save puppy Lunis
We did it
On 3rd September 2018 we successfully raised £200 with 8 supporters in 28 days

You can’t change the world, but sometimes you can change someone‘s world. ❤️

by Luisa Lunis in Indonesia

New stretch target

If I raise more than I will need, the rest will be divided up and will go to Bawa, a rescue station & shelter in Ubud, Bali

I found this poor puppy in the middle of nowhere in the west of Bali, with no mommy or owner around. I just couldn’t leave him, so we grabbed a towel and took him in our car, no idea what would happen next. We drove for hours to Ubud and by advice from a shelter brought him as quick as possible to an Animal Clinic. He has severe mange, an eye infection and is extremely underweight and malnourished, but chances are very good that he will make it! They started treating today and the estimated cost will be around 4.300.000 Indonesien rupiah (£230 pounds) for two weeks intense treatment. The most important thing for me was to treat him as quick as possible so he will survive. I would though love to have some help, as all my money is almost used up. I have been saving a lot for my biggest dream, traveling the world for a few months with only one backpack.

As soon as he is healthy, I would consider to bring him back to Germany to give him the life he deserves and have him safe & sound. This would cost me another fortune that I will then pay on my own. I need your guys help, to get him healthy as quick as possible. I have no funds to do this all by myself so I’m asking you for your help, even if it’s only 1€ or less. You can make a difference! Once I get back to visit him in the hospital, I will give an update on his well-being.

If you don’t want to send money here or have any further questions, please contact me!

You can’t change the world, but sometimes you can change someone’s world. And this someone, could be Lunis today ❤️

I really appreciate any donation of any size!

UPDATE!! First of all, thank you so so much for all your support (especially Fur Real NYC, who pledged amazing £160. Please reach out to me via email or Facebook so I can get in touch with you!!, you can’t even imagine how thankful I am. I got a lot of negative feedback saying I was stupid to save a puppy because there are thousands out there and you can’t save them all or telling me I invented this to make some money (?!) I was devastated the last couple of days and I couldn’t understand how some people could be so heartless and horrible. I’m visiting Lunis today in the hospital and can’t wait to see him, so a update will be posted later today! The hospital already sent me an update and he has a huge appetite, is getting much more active and finally wagged his tail for the first time! We know now for sure that he will definitely make it, what a fighter! ❤️❤️ 

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