Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt Appeal

by Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt in Bridgnorth, England, United Kingdom

Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt Appeal
We did it
On 12th August 2019 we successfully raised £2,751 with 70 supporters in 57 days

A campaign of public information to rally support to save Bridgnorth's precious greenbelt from unnecessary, disproportionate development

by Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt in Bridgnorth, England, United Kingdom

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Gregg Wallace 16th July 2019

"However, the fact remains that in the last round of consultation, less than 300 people in Bridgnorth filled in the questionnaire circulated by Shropshire Council " I dont remember ever been asked!

mumstheword 15th July 2019

Houses being built all over the country and in green belt is not the housing that is so badly needed i.e. social housing which is what the government should be concentrating on. Build council housing for those living on basic wages. This building is a money making exercise and is spoiling countryside. Shame!

girlscout665 14th July 2019

Come on Bridgnorth, it's do or die now, once our beautiful countryside is gone, it's gone forever, no going back. The landowners, already rich beyond most people's wildest dreams are set to get richer, and they are the only people who will benefit. I say that's a disgrace, and we need to put a stop to it right now!

Leon Towns 2nd July 2019

Your all doing great work so thank you all. We can’t let these money grabbers win, bet they would feel different if it was there countryside being destroyed in the name of money 😡

Nathan Badger 26th June 2019

We need to save our environment for generations to come, housing is critical but saving our ecology that supports life is more critical. We have a climate emergency and need to act to save this planet. Greenbelt is essential to our long term ecology.

Bernard Barnett 24th June 2019

I did hear Adolph Hitler wanted to make Bridgnorth his headquarters. True or false I do not know . Seeing this lovely township the way it stands I can understand where that is coming from. Modern housing estates are vulgar and a blot on our once wonderful country full of meaningful architecture. The typical boring houses being built today are totally out of keeping with the surrounding structures of yesteryears.

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