Save Beane Marshes

by Hannah Cope in Hertford, England, United Kingdom



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We're crowdfunding to buy land that's near Hertford North by the River Beane, to ensure it is retained in its natural state

by Hannah Cope in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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Kevin and. Julie Frazer 30th August 2019

This green space has not changed in at least fifty odd years. I walked past every day to go to primary school as a child. Swans nest over there, frogs spawn in there thousands over there. We must not let this be sold to any kind of property developer.

Melanie Woods 13th August 2019

This is true community spirit in support of wildlife and it's environment. Would be briliant to see more of the crowdfunders in support of conservation and protection.

Karen  11th August 2019

Thank you for working to diligently to protect this important area of Hertfordshire countryside for the community... but more importantly the wildlife that live there. Hopefully many generations to come can enjoy and benefit from it as we do today.

Matthew West 5th August 2019

I walked past this field every day on my way to primary school, skated on the field when it was flooded and frozen and I still enjoy walking past it now with my dogs when I’m visiting my parents. I would hate to see it lost.

Leanne Tosdevin 2nd August 2019

I walk past Beane Marsh on my way to the station every day. Its a very peaceful spot and sets up my day beautifully before heading into the London greyness and chaos. I’d really love the land to stay as it is. Thanks to everyone involved in saving this little oasis!

Jon Excell 30th July 2019

An excellent idea, which I've just supported. Apols if you've already made this obvious but It might be worth making potential supporters aware that they get their money back if you don't hit the target. Not everyones' familiar with how crowdfunding works. Good luck!

Martin Smith 28th July 2019

Thanks for organising this. I enjoy looking at the field every day as I walk to/from the station. I hope the project is successful

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