Save Beane Marshes

by Hannah Cope in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

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We're crowdfunding to buy land that's near Hertford North by the River Beane, to ensure it is retained in its natural state

by Hannah Cope in Hertford, England, United Kingdom

During our original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised over £90,000 (with almost £20,000 of that through this website). We are keeping the page open to accept further donations to fund the continued proceedings of our cause. Find out more about our plans below.

Many of you will have seen the auction signs on the fields by the River Beane near Hertford North station, which were erected in June 2019. The land was up for sale, but we (Beane Marshes Conservation Group Ltd) talked to the sellers and they agreed to withdraw it from auction to allow our community group to buy it.

What do you need to raise? The price of the land is £135,000, plus VAT on one of the lots of £10,000. Together with various auctioneer fees and legal costs, our fundraising target from the outset was £165,000. We have raised £90,000 of this. We have an existing  shortfall of £75,000, with around 8 months to raise it (until April 2020). 

You keep referring to “we”. Who exactly is that? A company has been formed named the Beane Marshes Conservation Group Ltd, which is the legal entity through which the transaction will be made. The directors of this company are Bengeo residents and have been in active dialogue with local councillors and other local groups

What’s the longer term plan? Our objective is to conserve and enhance the land for the benefit of ecology and wildlife, and thus also to the benefit of the local community. We have talked to the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) who have visited the site and praised it for its biodiversity value. We would like to give the land to HMWT to own and manage.  HMWT have said: "Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust is delighted that the Beane Marshes Conservation Group is taking a proactive approach to preserving an important Local Wildlife Site. We are very pleased to see local residents uniting to help maintain and improve their neighbourhood for wildlife. The Trust is currently working with the Conservation Group to explore how best to care for the wildlife of Beane Marshes in the future."  

Beane Marshes Conservation Group has a constitution, whose objective is: 

To care for and conserve and enhance the area known as Beane Marshes for future generations and in particular the wildlife and ecology associated with the area. In the first instance to purchase the marshes with a view to preserving it for the future and to raise the funds needed to do this. Then gifting it to a suitable conservation organisation for its long term maintenance.

Let's make 'Save Beane Marshes' happen

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