Save Zest Sussex

Save Zest Sussex

ZEST SUSSEX is under threat from East Sussex County Council cuts - we simply DON'T WANT TO CLOSE!!! Please help us stay open.

We did it!

On 14th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

A Community project under threat of closure.

Don't let the funding cuts squeeze Zest Sussex dry.


Zest Sussex has been informed by East Sussex County Council that our funding will most likely be removed or dramatically cut due to the savings they need to make. If this happens it will take effect in April 2016. We are now in consultation with the Council. If we do not do anything now the likelihood is we will close even though we are under contract until Sptember 2016.

Zest Sussex is a Community project that offers support and structured training to adults with a learning disability or autism to learn transferable, work based skills which are fundamental and important for entering the job market.

The training is based around a car valeting model, but it is so much more than that, it is learning to interact with customers, deliver exceptional customer service, money handling, work ethics and standards, team working, time keeping and marketing, all vital skills required for work and being more independent in life.

We believe in our people as every one on the Zest team has an important role to play not only at Zest Sussex but in life, they are now so much more independant ... much more confident ... have a purpose ... and hopefully, they will all go to other things and more than anything else be a valuable member of the local Community and earn their own money and get a paid job.

Zest believes in opportunity - we believe in achievement - we believe in finding a way for every person to learn new skills and reach their potential - it is Zests responsibility to find the way - how we get there may be different for every individual. however the pride and sense of achievement is not only felt by the person but by the whole Zest Sussex team.

WE TAKE THE CAN DO ATTITUDE / APPROACH (especially as most adults with a disability have been told repeatedly throughout their life about all the things they can't do and what they can't achieve).

We ensure work place standards are learnt, they have to arrive on time, in uniform, work hard, strive for very high standards and take pride in their achievements.

We are passionate and are working hard to change the public's perception in relation to people with learning disabilities and the huge potential they have to offer an employer and the local community.

We want everyone to know how brilliant our people are too.

Telling the Zest team we might have to close is probably one of the hardest things we have ever had to do and something we would never want to experience again. This will take away their hope for their future if we close.

Visit our website for more information

We need to raise our profile and quickly, we need to tell as many people as possible about Zest Sussex and we need to ask for your help in raising much needed funds to ensure we remain open. The cuts will mean we close. please do not let this happen.

Thank you for your support and for reading the Zest Sussex story.

 Don't let the Council cuts squeeze Zest dry

Our campaign slogan was thought up and designed by one of our trainees, Sophie.

 We handed in over 3,500 signatures and loads of messages of support to the Council asking them to rethink their decision.


You can find more information about Zest Sussex on our website




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