Save Wilson The Line Walking Wiener Dog

To save Wilson The Wiener Dog in need of urgent life saving spinal surgery & to help his pensioneer owner Ann to fund the surgery...

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £2,015 with 44 supporters in 28 days


Hey guys

Could I have your attention for a little while please? My name is Dylan and that’s me on the right in my best Sunday attire!

I need to tell you my sad tale about what's happening to my bestest buddy, Wilson The Wiener…(Sausage to the left)

He is a hardcore Johnny Cash fan (Johnny if you’re out there?!) and enjoys walking the line. Check this video out of one of our walks where he performed marvellously :

We've been buddies since we met back when we were just pups and life was beautiful. Now we are facing a big problem though. The other day I noticed his back was acting all weird. I said 'hey buddy what's up man? Your back is slip sliding away'  Wilson said he feels bad to the bone in his back & legs, and he started crying from the pain, oh man it ain’t good. How’s he ever gonna do the line-walking again? If we can't pay the Wiener-Back-Fixer, my buddy ain't gonna be able to do line walking no more except in heaven, and that just breaks my heart.

With his back flopping fast we had no choice but to visit the Wiener-Back-Fixer. He's a specialist. He said "I can sure get you walking' that line again but it's gonna cost your mama"

Wilsons Mama Ann spent the whole day trying to arrange for the surgery which sadly isn’t covered by his insurance… ☹ Unfortunately Mama Ann is on a pension and the chances of funding this are zero. She spent hours on the phone trying to look into ‘subsidised funding’ but she had no luck.

I guess now is a good time to say that not only does our pal Wilson mean the world to me but also to his loving Mama Ann. Those two spend every minute side by side. Saying goodbye to Wilson would be like leaving that bun with no wiener! And no guys - this is actually ‘not just about a dog’ like me… it’s also about a ‘huuuuman bean’ whose world would be left so empty and sad. That is why I'm appealing to you all to please help if you in anyway can?

I hope that you’ll understand that behind my wiener humour there's a sad reality. The simple truth is no surgery - no more lines to walk, no more Wilson The Wiener, no more pal, no more friend to Mama Ann. This is Wilsons last chance. Any help you can give us would mean life to Wilson who is still just a young Dachshund. Please share this with any warm soul you may know, we would be so grateful. Thank you


Much love





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