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Unity Radio Online is a radio station designed and run by young people for young people across London.

We did it!

On 22nd Jul 2015 we successfully raised £55 with 5 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

Unity Radio Online is a radio station designed and run by young people for young people across London.

About the project

Unity Radio Online: Uniting Through MusicUnity Radio was set up as an innovative, inclusive community project run by and for young people in July 2012. Unfortunately, we will not be here in August 2015 without YOUR help.Initially supported by Haringey Council, Unity Radio Online became a social enterprise last year with the promise of transition funding, unfortunately local government budget cuts mean that this funding has been abruptly withdrawn.WHY WE NEED HELP...We won’t be here in three months unless we get your help. We believe that we have a sustainable business plan for the medium term, that will build the listenership, boost engagement with young people from all ethnic and social backgrounds and make the project sustainable. However we need to overcome our immediate cash shortfall to ensure that Unity Radio Online has that future.We need to crowdfund £35,000 to replace the transition funding that we have lost.It is essential that we continue to deliver new opportunities for local youth, to expand our training and development programmes and also increase employment opportunities for young people in London.We need to retain the skills and experience of the current media professionals within our staffing team, without whom the project has no future.  We cannot exist on the good will of volunteers alone.OUR AIMS...The objectives of Unity Radio Online is aimed at building social cohesion, through encouraging more relationships and strengthening ties with people from different backgrounds.We aim to:- Be a key local media source and resource for local young people in and around north London, as well as connecting local young people with others of similar experiences around the world.- Engage with young people, and become a conduit through which “the establishment” can engage with young people as well.- Support community services dedicated to tackling social exclusion.- Encourage and support young people to recognise the skills of everyone, irrespective of age or background by working together.- Provide a voice to young people particularly those who have been disenfranchised or who have limited access to the media.- Break down barriers and stereotyping and foster better relations within communities through training and employment.- Provide opportunities for training, work experience and employment which all contribute to community learning objectives.Our project has a significant impact on the individuals, organisations, agencies, local businesses and the wider communities that it serves.REWARDS FOR DONATIONS...Unity Radio Online Radio are offering some great rewards, for individuals and local businesses who donate to our crowd funding campaign including free sponsorship and advertising opportunities On Air and Online, an invite to our special meet and greet event, trips to the radio studio and music requests.

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