Save Traditional English Landmark

Save Traditional English Landmark

Too many traditional old english buildings are being demolished, save our British Heritage and Beautiful Landmarks!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Too many old buildings are being neglected and this one in particular has finally been abandoned in 2010, with application of planning permission to knock it down. We want to stop this to save and restore this beautiful old building and its grounds in  Waddington, Ribble Valley. 

Once family run very successfully in the 70's, there are many tales locally and beyond of how wonderful it once was. With beautiful gardens and a lovely build, it would be a crying shame to see this be demollished. At the moment it is not in the best condition, but with the correct people it can be brought back to life and put back on the map for the local people and more.

The next generation of the family who ran it in the 1970's recently viewed the state of the place and want to restore it to how it was an so much more!

Please help to save this beautiful traditional pub and hotel in Lancashire, with as little or a large of a donation that can be managed, every little help is greatly appreciated to help put this back into the community, and to let the community create many more memories to come here.

All donations will be published with great appreciation and kept up to date with the working progress of the project.

Also, other than money, we will be looking for people to volunteer to help restore the building, or donate things such as old furniture that could also be refurbished and used. 

If we reach our target and are successful, we aim to bring many jobs and opporunities to the area as we aim to make it even bigger than what it was