Save These Two Little Dogs - Help Us To Help Them!

Save These Two Little Dogs - Help Us To Help Them!

Help us to Save these 2 small dogs in a Kill Station and bring them to safety in East Sussex UK.

We did it!

On 19th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £85 with 6 supporters in 14 days are a small dog rehoming group based in East Sussex UK.

Recently we have extended our help to a couple of romanian dogs, one successfully rehomed here in Sussex, another currently recovering from mange and exhaustion on the way.

Our attention has now been drawn to these 2 little long ladies, we are told they are mother and daughter and they are currently in a 'kill station' in Spain.
It is basically an over crowded short term concentration camp for dogs. Now if being at risk of being killed wasnt bad enough the small dogs are literally at risk of being eaten by the larger starving dogs in the same pens.

I'm not one for scare mongering, Im just human and I can't help but try to help with this impossible situation. If you are on facebook  you can search for 'Olivenza Perrera Dogs Pippa' to read her story. Just days away from being taken  to her foster home she was ripped apart by the other dogs too frail to defend herself :-( and this is an all too common occurence.

These 2 dogs are in the same 'shelter' Olivenza Perrera',  at the end of November it will be shut down thakfully, but the dogs that are left will most likely be killed. There are hundreds. 
We are trying to raise £650 for these two sweet little ones. This consists of £200 to neuter them both, £100 each for blood tests, vaccinations, passports etc and £250 to transport them to us in Sussex.  

Its not a great deal of money to save 2 innocent lives. Its only 2 of hundreds, thousands even, but to those 2 it will mean more than they yet know, and to the loving families they eventually go to i am certain they will be eternally grateful to you for helping to give them a chance.

Please do be aware, I can make no promises that these 2 dogs will be saved but we will certainly try. The reality is simply that they could be dead by morning, the sooner we raise the money the sooner we can send someone in to go and get them.   But your donation WILL go to 2 other dogs held there to get to the safety of new homes IF either of them dont make it.

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